Tips to Give Your Business the Best Chance of Success

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Even if you have already launched your business and your product or service is ready to go, there are some important aspects you may not have considered which can give your business the best chance of succeeding. Here are five tips to help you achieve this aim.

Customer Service

Good customer service is an integral part of business success. It helps to build customer loyalty, improve the image of your company and create brand awareness. Customer retention can also be more valuable than attracting new clients. Positive reports by satisfied customers can result in reduced marketing spend through word-of-mouth marketing. This is particularly important with the prevalence of company review sites and the risk of negative customer service experiences appearing on social media sites. Avoiding customer service blunders can make a big difference to the success of your business.



In the modern world, networking can take place online via websites such as LinkedIn, but it is still important to get out and about in order to promote your business. This can involve attending events such as trade shows as a brand ambassador or becoming part of networking groups. Another way to network is to become involved in the local community through charitable events and sponsorships. It is a good idea to be well-prepared as networking opportunities can arise at any time. Networking can be difficult for many people, so this CNN business networking guide is a useful read. Always be prepared to represent your company and have the obligatory business card at hand.

Regular IP Checks

One often neglected but important area of business is the necessity to perform regular IP checks. These checks can increase the revenue of your business by reducing chargebacks and preventing resources being lost to fraudulent orders. This is achieved by using IP lookup tools, which enable you to gather information about a web user from their IP address.

You are recommended to read SEON’s IP lookup guide to gain an insight into IP checks. IP lookup tools can determine whether the IP address is valid, if it appears on a blacklist of spammy, fraudulent, or dangerous IP addresses. These checks can also indicate if the user is hiding their IP behind a proxy server, which should be an indicator of a heightened risk of dealing with this particular user. Among other information, the comprehensive guide demonstrates how to perform an IP lookup and recommends four of the best IP lookup tools currently available. Regular IP checks should form an integral part of the online security of your business.


Accessibility is often neglected, and this can affect the success of your business. It is vitally important that your website does not create barriers to access for people with physical disabilities. These are the sort of aspects you need to consider in terms of the accessibility of your internet presence: the colors of your website, the text size and the font, the use of headings to organize content, and the option of spoken content. It simply does not make business sense to have barriers on your website.

Visible Online Presence

You can have the most professional-looking website in the world, but without online visibility, it isn’t worth much to you. There are some simple ways you can increase the visibility of your online presence. It is essential to be active on social media to increase visitors to your site. This could also involve promoting tweets or holding competitions on social media which can encourage likes, retweets and create conversations with potential customers.

 By establishing an active presence on social media, you can increase brand awareness, encourage user interactions, and ultimately drive traffic to your website. For expert assistance in software development, consider partnering with a reliable nearshore software development company that can provide tailored solutions to meet your business needs.


Visibility Via SEO

Of course, SEO plays a major role in the visibility and accessibility of a website. Keyword research tools such as will help you to generate keywords for Google, Amazon, and the main social media sites. The aim is to ensure that the articles and content pages on your website feature a specific keyword. Off-page optimization can also help you increase visibility, for example, by creating compelling content which will encourage websites to link to your site. High-value content is a key element of optimizing your content for SEO. As mentioned earlier, social media backlinks are invaluable in this respect. Another way to create interesting content is to feature blog posts about your particular industry.

Employee Retention

Where would your business be without its employees? Employee retention can have a big impact on the success of your business. Conversely, employee turnover is associated with recruitment costs and can affect the performance of your company.

Moreover, if you’ve just established your business, financial damage and performance decline can be fatal. To tackle such obstacles, many startups are choosing to outsource their recruitment processes. It enables recruiters to quickly review and assess applicants and interview more efficiently, freeing up recruiters’ time in the hiring process. With centralised online recruitment systems, recruiters for startups and businesses can track new job applications, easily search qualified resumes, and set up automated alerts both when attempts are made to enroll in jobs or when candidates complete application forms. Furthermore, recruiters can easily compare different potential candidates against one another and make better-informed decisions with less effort. 

While it remains an important factor, remuneration is just one element of employee retention. Nevertheless, employers can gain an advantage here by offering higher levels of pay than other companies in the same industry. Other factors which influence job satisfaction are company training and development, a focus on employee welfare, and feedback to employees.

Employee Satisfaction

Business Insider highlights factors that can increase retention and job satisfaction in new recruits advising, among other aspects, to implement a shadow period for new employees, involving meeting and working alongside model colleagues for the first 90 days of employment.

You have a good chance of retaining your best employees if they have the opportunity to participate in company training which enables them to develop professionally. In the same vein, employees are much more likely to stay with a company that looks after their welfare. This can involve regular team get-togethers, facilitating good relationships between employees, and offering flexible working arrangements. Constructive feedback can also play a role in this regard as it can create a feeling of inclusion while offering support to employees. Positive feedback can improve confidence and go a long way to achieving employee loyalty.

This can also be achieved by offering perks to your employees, for example, the implementation of team breakfasts can have three positive consequences which form part of employee retention: building team spirit, rewarding your workers, and offering motivation for the week ahead.

Hopefully, these tips will provide your business with the best chance of success. Just remember the essentials of business success: good customer service, regular IP checks, employee retention, networking, and ensuring the visibility and accessibility of your website.

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