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An organized salon is an efficient salon. You make the most of your space and decrease the risk of clutter. Finding the perfect tips for organizing your salon boosts time management and lessens the risk of customer frustration. The more elegant your salon appears the more clients will enjoy being inside your shop.

Establish a System

Before you implement any changes, think of what organizational system would work best in your salon and for each product.

For example, it may make sense to organize nail polish by color but organizing your shampoo selection based on tube color won’t work. When you start creating the perfect organizational system, think about the product’s purpose, brand or label, and usage.

Focusing on each of these allows you to organize in a way that makes sense to everyone. Additionally, you should have a specific location for hygiene and cleaning products such as in a broom closet—this keeps such items out of the way yet easily accessible.

Organize Promotional Products

Ensure any promotional products you’re selling in your salon are easy for clients and employees to find. After all, selling desirable promotional products in your salon boosts revenue, but this fails to work if clients can’t see what you’re selling. Keep promotional products organized by having an accent wall or using a cabinet or shelf to display items.

Organize these products by type and brand. For instance, if you sell various shampoo, then make sure shampoo meant for curly hair is beside the proper conditioner. Doing this increases the chance of clients purchasing sets.

Organize Tools

Having all your hair tools organized is just as important to a clean salon. Set expectations for how workstations should look. Don’t allow a stylist to leave hair tools carelessly lying around the shop. Instead, consider investing in cord organizers and a trolly to ensure equipment remains in an appropriate location.

Why are these tips for organizing your salon so important? Because if there is no system, employees may become disorganized and waste the client’s time looking for products or styling tools. Keep your clients coming back by having an organized, clean salon where they receive great service!

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