Tips for Dressing To Impress as a Trade Show Exhibitor

Tips for Dressing To Impress as a Trade Show Exhibitor
1 year ago

Your trade show booth isn’t the only thing that makes a first impression on potential customers. How you dress and present yourself to attendees can also have a significant impact. If you need guidance on dressing for your next business event, follow these tips to help you dress to impress as a trade show exhibitor.

Check the Dress Code

One of the most common trade show mistakes businesses make is not researching the event well enough. This step is crucial to help you get a better idea of the event’s audience, exhibitors, and overall atmosphere. Some trade shows will be much more professional than others. Some venues feature strict dress codes, while others will be more lenient. Even if your business attire is usually more casual, it’s important to follow the dress code guidelines for your event, or your booth could draw negative attention from attendees.

Create a Cohesive Wardrobe

The goal of your trade show attire should be to find harmony between the dress code and your business’s brand. For example, if the event guidelines are very formal, you can still add in your business’s branding through pops of color in your outfit or promotional accessories. You should also strive to have a cohesive wardrobe across your entire team. Coordinate outfits with your team in advance to ensure that everyone follows the dress code and your booth members’ outfits don’t clash with each other.

Choose Your Footwear Carefully

Nothing completes an outfit better than a nice pair of shoes. While you may be tempted to invest in a pair of shiny new dress shoes to complement your outfit, you should avoid wearing brand-new shoes to a trade show since it often takes time to get comfortable in new shoes and break them in. Comfort is key when it comes to trade show fashion, and this particularly applies to shoes. However, this doesn’t mean you should wear a pair of tennis shoes or flip-flops to a trade show. Choose a pair of nice dress shoes that you’re comfortable in, or buy a new pair in advance so you have time to break them in.

Before your next event, practice these tips so you can dress to impress as a trade show exhibitor. If you thoughtfully follow the event’s dress code, you’re sure to make successful first impressions on event attendees and potential partners.

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