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Procuring forklifts for your warehouse is an incredibly important part of getting your operation up and running. However, you can’t just invest in any random forklift. There are many forklift variations you need to take into consideration. Don’t worry, though; we can point you in the right direction. This guide will break down helpful tips for choosing the right forklift for your workspace. That way, you’ll know you and your crew are on the path to success with the right gear by your side.

Consider Your Work Environment

Your work environment is one of the most important considerations when choosing the right forklift. For instance, reach trucks are great tools for maneuvering and reaching immense heights but aren’t meant for outdoor use, while counterbalance forklifts are a better fit for uneven, outdoor terrain. You also have to consider forklift parts like tires and masts when making your choice.

Part of ensuring your forklift can operate in a certain environment is establishing that it has the right mast and tire types attached to it. Familiarize yourself with topics like the many types of forklift masts before buying so you understand the ins and outs of what makes one forklift good for the outdoors, and what makes another forklift better for indoor maneuvers.

Check the Load Capacity

Exceeding a forklift’s load capacity is very dangerous. Doing this can not only lead to damage to the forklift and its load but can also lead to nearby workers sustaining injuries. Because of this, you need to know what kind of loads your forklift will typically be carrying. That way, you can ensure the vehicle can carry out daily operations without putting anyone at risk. Similar to the previous step, you need to make sure your tires and other attachments can handle the necessary load capacity at all times.

Know the Necessary Lifting Height

Not only will your forklift need to work in the environment and carry the loads, but it’ll need to reach pick-up and drop-off points as well. Unfortunately, not all forklifts can reach maximum lifting heights. That’s why, just like in the last step, you need to make sure the vehicle is appropriate for the task at hand. If your forklift needs to operate in an indoor environment and reach up to high racks, a reach truck is probably the best fit for you. It should go without saying that, if your forklift can’t reach the desired heights, completing day-to-day operations is going to be impossible.

Becoming familiar with these tips for choosing the right forklift will allow you to carry out day-to-day operations efficiently and, most importantly, safely. Suffice it to say, efficiency and safety are two of the most important attributes of any good work environment. Once you have the right gear, all you need is the right crew to undergo OSHA-certified training, and then you’re off to the races.

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