The Ultimate Guide To Use YouTuber Shorts Downloader:

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3 years ago

A newly-added service by YouTube is YouTube Shorts. As clear from the name, it is basically a short video service that allows young creators of any kind to record and upload short videos.

As Google covers almost all the world, this is an effort to provide creators a platform like TikTok or Snackvideos to meet the growing needs of the world. Like other Videos, YouTube Shorts doesn’t support downloading options. That means, every time you would need data to enjoy or stream content.

However, this is no longer a problem if we take third-party websites’ services. Yes! There are some YouTube Shorts downloaders available through which you can download your favorite videos easily. If you wanna know more about the tools and how they work, Keep reading.

3 best YouTube Shorts Downloaders:

1.YouTube Shorts Downloader

YouTube Shorts Downloader allows users to download shorts in HD quality for free. It is quite a fast tool and allows you to download any YouTube Shorts.

After Downloading, you can save them freely on your laptop, PC, iPad, mobile gallery, or IOS devices.

2. Heatfeed

Next in line is Heatfeed YouTube shorts download.. Another feature that makes it unique is it allows you to download in multiple qualities. No other Shorts downloader provides such an option. Moreover, you don’t need to log in or sign up, you can download and save from here freely.

3. ShortsLoader

Another web app that allows you to directly download or save videos to your phone or computer is ShortsLoader.

It allows you to not only download MP3 but Mp4 as well. Moreover, ShortsLoader doesn’t ask for any login credentials and allows you to download unlimited videos for free.

How To Use YouTube Shorts Downloaders?

As I have already mentioned the best three downloaders, you don’t need to go searching for downloaders. However, you might want to know how to use them. Well to your ease, all the three downloaders mentioned- above work on the same method. That means the way to use each one is the same. Follow the steps written below to use them.

  1. Open the YouTube Shorts Video you want to download.
  2. Tap the “Share” icon.
  3. Copy the URL of the video.
  4. Paste the URL into any of the above-mentioned YouTube Shorts Downloader “” .
  5. Choose the format (if the chosen downloader is showing the option).
  6. Tap the “Download” button.
  7. Video will automatically be saved into your devices’ gallery within just a few seconds.

Things to know about YouTube Shorts and YouTube Shorts Downloaders

  • Not all the downloaders are compatible with PC devices, some can only support mobile phones or online browsers.
  • Some tools limit videos to 60 seconds only, others do not interrupt the video no matter how lengthy it is.
  • You cannot watch YouTube Shorts on any other app. YouTube launches it within YouTube. You can only watch them solely through YouTube.
  • The quality of the video depends upon the original quality of the uploaded video. Only the videos uploaded in HD quality can be seen or downloaded in HD.
  • You can use shorts for personal use easily. However, if you want to use them for public or commercial purposes, you would have to have the creator’s permission. Or you can end up in copyright issues.
  • Some downloaders also allow you to download regular YouTube videos with them.


YouTube shorts is an amazing initiative for content creators to spread their content to an even wider audience. With every new launch came many possible tools with it. The same goes for YouTube Shorts videos. As YouTube Shorts Launches, many YouTube Shorts Downloaders came into being. And if you are reading this, you have already read the ultimate guide to use YouTube Shorts Downloader. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy this new service and add some more colors of entertainment to your life.

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