The Top 8 Payroll Softwares For Small Businesses – Recommended in 2020

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4 years ago

If you want to make your payroll process easy then a payroll software like on of the 8 below could be exactly what your small business needs. These softwares make managing your payroll for a small team easy, and gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. Take a look below to find out more.

Keka HR

This product was recommended by Pranay Anumula from Technovert

We are using Keka HR for the last 1 year & the experience is quite good. Their support was terrific because of tax changes due to Govt orders, it was often challenging to process payroll but their team made sure that the payroll was updated to the latest terms & also with minimal errors. The product degradation was also good, we started by using only Payroll feature but later we opted for attendance management & other modules, what started as payroll software, at present we are using as a complete HRMS platform to help our HR carry out operations with ease.


This product was recommended by Michael Van Gulik from Affiliate Training Now

Gusto sports an exceptionally clean and easy to use interface combined with both payroll features and General Human resources (HR) Management system. It also has an advantage for administration work as well. These reasons alone are enough to say why I choose this product as my number one source for paying people, but if you’re looking for more, it also comes with an exceptionally low price tag. The Gusto Payroll Option for customers is voted number in many places on the internet.

Focusing on Payroll Processing primarily, businesses are looking at $39 per month plus $6 per employee. For The HR Software included, it will be $39 per month plus $12 per employee. Gusto will walk you through setting up this complicated Payroll Application which gives you 100% accuracy. As setting up any Payroll application is a tricky task, even the smallest mistake in setting it up will cause problems for your payments system. This is another reason why I am saying to go grab this product as their value is most likely going to beat many others.

Patriot Software

This product was recommended by Ali Ubaid Rajput from Decrum

This is the easy and affordable payroll software. Through this payroll you can create customizable deductions and contributions.


This product was recommended by Daniel Juhl Mogensen from Kodyl

As a small business owner, you can waste a lot of time with tasks that you’re not primarily an expert in. Since accounting be tricky when you have to keep track of all your business, having a reliable payroll software can be a life-saver. The great thing about SlickPie is that it’s intuitive and easy to use right out of the box. Second, it’s cloud-based so I can access it while on the move, from any devices. It also has preset themes for invoices, online billing, and document management so you don’t have to create them from scratch. Besides being easy to set up, it provides options for automated billing and the convenience features you would expect from a top-notch small business payroll software. Last but not least, SlickPie is completely free to use with basic functionality for tracking up to 10 companies on one account.

QuickBooks Payroll

This product was recommended by Tom Winter from DevSkiller

QuickBooks Payroll uses a clean and simple interface that makes managing your company payroll a breeze. It makes it easy to do payroll yourself while offering other key features such as employee healthcare options and direct deposits. The software keeps your financial information secure, as QuickBooks has been around for a long time and has an outstanding reputation. If you are looking to automate payroll tasks and manage it through an intuitive platform that helps you effortlessly track your company payroll, QuickBooks Payroll is your best bet as a small business. With a starting rate of $45 per month, you can be confident that payroll duties are handled efficiently, allowing you to focus more on managing your business.

Payroll Experts

This product was recommended by Paul Katzoff from WhiteCanyon

Software is robust but still easy to use. It covers all of our needs as a small software company and manages PTO/Vacation/Sick Days very easily. WhiteCanyon Software has been providing data security tools for the e-waste industry since 1998. It is based in Utah and all Sales, Support and Development is performed at their Utah location. The programming has never been outsourced and the source code has never left the USA.


This product was recommended by Jeremy Harrison from Hustle Life

As a small business enterprise, I only use software that are affordable. That’s why I use Hubstaff for employee monitoring and payroll. Some of the features that I like are online timesheets, time tracking, scheduling, and most important of all, reporting. It takes care of all my payroll needs, and it can be integrated into FreshBooks. If you’re like me and value productivity, I recommend you use Hubstaff as it’s the only one that focuses on it.


This product was recommended by Colleen Murphy from Trevelino/Keller

MerchantE’s Money OutTM services offer enterprise level payroll functionality and capabilities to small and mid-size companies, allowing them to be more competitive in today’s business environment. To pay employees instantly, MerchantE offers EmployeePlus Payouts. This feature gives companies the ability to pay wages, tips and rewards in real time using workers’ existing cards or bank accounts. To better manage reimbursements and expenses, MerchantE’s Pre-Imbursements enables growing businesses to pre-authorize payouts to workers’ own card or account, based on the rules pre-defined, and it auto-reconciles once the purchase is made.

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Agile development stands at the forefront of the software industry, championing an
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