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Technology has advanced different areas of human life, sports included. Due to the advancements in technology, better sports equipment has been made, stadiums are built faster and sports fans can enjoy their favorite matches on pretty much every device, tablets and smartphones included.

The rise of technology has helped revolutionize the world of the NFL. The way fans can experience each match has changed significantly. Even NFL fantasy has become popular throughout the years. The way coaches communicate with the players has changed and so has the overview of the pitch.

In other words, technology has brought rapid change to every NFL match you watch today. Here are the many ways it changed football forever:

The Way Coaches and Players Communicate

Players and coaches need to communicate during each match because the game changes as the opposing team adopt new tactics. Back in the day, they used radio transmitters and microphones so that coaches could talk directly to players. Hand signals were also used and they seemed practical until new technology came along. Now coaches use elaborate headsets that allow them to talk to their quarterbacks which is similar to the radio transmitter systems.

Moreover, these messages were scrambled and the message went from the coach’s mouth to the quarterback’s ear without obstacles and without the other team hearing a thing. All officials are equipped with this kind of equipment and this gives coaches a better hand on the game which means the team with the best strategy wins.

Keeping Track of the Game

Back in the day, you needed a TV and the right channel to enjoy an NFL match. But with the rise of technologies like Wi-Fi and the Internet, you don’t even need a TV anymore. NFL fans can watch the game live on a device of their choosing be it a laptop, PC, or smartphone. Moreover, TV stations could broadcast more and more details of the game as technology progressed. Nowadays, more cameras are used than ever to give fans a detailed look at the game. By doing so the audience is immersed and they’re getting an NFL experience like never before.

Moreover, Instant Replay was introduced due to the advancements in technology. This enabled a connection between the TV cameras and live game footage. Coaches could watch a replay of a good game or a bad one to improve the team’s performance in the next match. Also, people watching a match could save favorite replays and even tape entire games if they didn’t manage to catch a match on time. As technology brought new things to the table, every NFL game became deeper and deeper. Nowadays, statistics are available to every NFL fan that’s looking to know their favorite team’s odds against the other team. They can also see the history of the team’s performance. Statistics are useful to NFL coaches as well as they can help them decide which tactics to use and which ones to ignore.

Going HD

Naturally, with better equipment came better quality streams. TV streams became sharper as images were transmitted to every NFL fan’s home. Before you know it, NFL became HD. Higher Definition is a plus in everyone’s book and it became available to a bunch of devices too. As mentioned before, players, coaches, and fans could view NFL matches on their PCs, smartphones, and tablets. In fact, tablets became pretty important to NFL. Sure, fans and players might use them to watch a match or two and rate their performance, but tablets became popular with coaches for several reasons.

It was predicted that tablets would be pretty important to infants, but it turned out that adults will also enjoy them and use them practically. Thanks to the use of tablets in-game coaches can better view the match as it’s taking place. They can see the players from the sidelines and other different angles. The tablet eradicated the whiteboards coaches used back in the day.

With technology like this coaches can help players put their best foot forward when playing against the other team, no matter who they are. They can adapt the game plan and give NFL fans at home a game to remember. In conclusion, technology took the NFL to the next level.

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