The MuchBetter Merchant Portal With Israel Rosenthal, CEO Of MuchBetter

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2 years ago

One of MuchBetter’s niche solutions is the online Merchants Portal. This product was created to simplify global payment operations for merchants, scaling it down to just one easy process via one platform.

Localised for multiple languages, currencies, loading options and regulatory landscapes, MuchBetter ensures customers, merchants and funds are safe and payments are processed securely. Payment processing is future-proofed with technology that adapts to changes in regulatory compliance and is backed up with industry expert support.

The MuchBetter API is simple to connect with your payment gateway and allows you to receive money from MuchBetter users immediately. Ever since inception in July 2017, MuchBetter has seen a massive increase in clients and has rapidly become a preferred form of payment for clients all over the globe.

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By providing a vast range of payment options that can be made online, offline and via the MuchBetter e-wallet app, merchants can continually improve their conversion rates. Through our MuchBetter app, we also offer our merchants an amazing customer experience for their consumers, accessible transaction alternatives and data driven promotions that can be made on our users behaviours and preferences.

We interviewed Israel Rosenthal, the CEO of MuchBetter, to hear more about the real-time reporting Merchant portal and how it helps its users.

What is the MuchBetter Merchant portal?

IR:MuchBetter’s real-time reporting portal provides a smarter, easier method to manage your operations. We understand the value of complete and rapid financial information, which is why we’ve built a secure site with real-time reporting, accurate information and a range of other amazing features. Our primary goal is protecting user information, and we go above and beyond to secure this sensitive data.

With two-factor authentication, we can keep the user’s sensitive data safe while providing an additional layer of fraud protection. All of the operations can be controlled by the merchant, who can easily scroll through reports as well as control cards and clients on one convenient platform. In addition to this, they can make rapid transactions to their clients or cardholders and download reports in seconds.

Is the app safe and secure?

IR: Absolutely, MuchBetter goes above and beyond in this area. In our app we use biometrical elements such as face and touch ID for identification, dynamic password creation, device pairing so only the account holder has access and mobile phone number verification.

Our approach to fraud is also strictly vigilant with our customer authentication procedures that are put in place to defer fraudulent behaviour, making our MuchBetter app highly protected against all fraudulent criminal activity.

We also verify customer accounts beyond payment details by pairing the accounts with the user’s smart phone and making this information accessible to businesses to satisfy due diligence policies.

What about the pricing structure?

IR: When it comes to fees, we have rewritten the rulebook, with unique industry-specific pricing structures that are fair to both merchants and MuchBetter account holders. We understand that charging by transaction is not always the best solution for online merchants, so have developed customised models designed to minimise payment processing costs.

To find out more information about the MuchBetter Merchant portal, check this out.  

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