The Effects of Feedback in a Place of Business

The Effects of Feedback in a Place of Business
2 years ago

When we receive commentary on what we do, the critiques and praises influence the way we perform tasks and the amount of work we do. Feedback within the business sphere is a continuous necessity that changes the workplace atmosphere for better or worse, and giving or receiving feedback has different effects on the people involved.

Positive Feedback

The use of positive feedback involves the implementation of compliments and pointing out areas of success. Both employees and their supervisors receive positive feedback through reports and assessments. Many people respond well to positive feedback and the effects it brings.


When you recognize an employee’s work, it tells them to maintain that behavior. Rewarding an employee’s work is a great way to boost morale in the workplace because it helps the employee spread positivity in the workplace. This boost in confidence will cause employees to produce better work and push people to do better together.

Positive feedback will also incentivize someone to achieve more in the workplace. Incentives are one effect of feedback in a place of business that creates a chain of positive outcomes. An employee’s desire for compliments or recognition for their hard work also presents an excellent opportunity to provide positive feedback that can lead to significant effects.


Positive feedback is progressive for business, but it does not always inspire growth. Some workers enjoy hearing that they are doing their work well and in the correct way, but they do not see that feedback as an incentive to do more.

Negative Feedback

Negative feedback involves providing constructive criticism on lack of performance or failure to meet specific standards within the workplace. This form of feedback may come in an email, an evaluation, or a call from a superior. The effects of negative feedback will create different results than positive feedback.


Negative feedback is not always negative, as this type of feedback can motivate employees to avoid making the same mistakes and receiving the same feedback as before. Nobody enjoys hearing negative feedback on their performance. As such, one of the effects of feedback in a place of business is that it leads employees to improve themselves and avoid repeating those mistakes.


Constant negative feedback creates a negative attitude when it is not accompanied by any positive feedback. Employees will lose motivation after receiving consistent negative critiques, and their work will suffer.

The use of feedback in the workplace can have positive and negative effects. Providing constructive positive and negative feedback within the workplace will give workers a positive feeling of achievement and direction regarding areas of improvement.

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