The Benefits Of Investing In Cosmetic Custom Packaging

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Aisles and aisles of cosmetics adorn the beauty section of your favorite retail store and millions of influencers, articles, posts, and ads consume makeup or skin-focused digital platforms. Consumers could spend hours browsing available selections. Separate your cosmetic products from the hundreds of others with customized cosmetic packaging.

Cosmetic Custom Packaging Starts With a Well-Designed Brand

Choosing cute colors to put on a perfectly rectangular box does not always yield optimal results. Customized cosmetic packaging is just one part of a well-researched and expertly-designed branding strategy.

Since you’re researching the benefits of custom product packaging for cosmetics, you’re already aware that when you dare to be different, the reward could far outweigh the risk. However, what many cosmetic retailers don’t realize is that unique and engaging package designs must be based on target market research, a deep commercial understanding, and winning designs that promote your company – and get customers grabbing for your products.

What is Custom Packaging?

In lieu of the traditional packaging you commonly see, custom packaging is based on intensive research. It intertwines your brand authenticity and ideal customer preferences that evoke emotion among your target market with your well-crafted messaging and vision.

Customization of cosmetic packaging can range in the shape and size of the packaging, the color scheme and patterns, the material it’s crafted from, labeling fonts, and any other visual element imaginable. Align those customizations with your brand data and overall brand objectives.

Benefits of Customizing Cosmetic Packaging

Aside from the sheer eye-catching beauty of custom packaging, there are so many more benefits to personalizing the outer presentation of your product that could not only benefit sales but also your business’ brand.

With a massive 95% of new products failing shortly after launch, differentiating your product from all the other cosmetic items on the market and introducing your brand via cosmetic product packaging is crucial to avoiding impending product doom.

Adds Brand Value

Many customers will stumble upon your product but they’re more apt to purchase it when it aligns with their personal views and speaks to their ideals – whether it be eco-friendly goals, luxury, or innovation, for example. Your brand is boosted when every facet of business is lined up with company objectives, missions, and visions.

For example, Dorothy Roffat Cosmetics uses all-natural ingredients in its products and customizes its packaging with untreated and compostable bamboo which positions each product within the company’s overall message and brand goals.

Product Protection

When packaging is customized to the product size and shape, it safeguards the items to ensure safe shipping and handling, that the product remains intact, and that customers receive exactly what they paid for – in perfect condition.

Reduce returns and unsatisfied customers through the implementation of brand-focused customized packaging for your cosmetic products. Many returns, damaged cosmetic products, and added customer service labor costs can be avoided through the impact of cosmetic custom packaging design.

Unique Personalized Touch

An award-winning design is essential to bridge the gap between your product and your brand but it also offers a personalized touch. When you conduct crucial research on your target audience and incorporate that data into your branding strategy, your custom packaging feels personalized to the consumer and increases the likelihood of purchase and long-term brand loyalty.

Reduced Costs

Production costs, shipping fees, packaging costs, and other funding required to get a product from its inception to the hands of your ideal customer can be lofty. Higher Sales

Product packaging speaks to consumers when it’s expertly crafted and positioned within well-researched branding guidelines. When shopping in-store, customers often pick up, feel, admire, and read product packaging to ensure they are getting what they need from their cosmetics purchase.

The increase in “unboxing” videos has placed a focus on packaging as part of the consumer review process. Instead of only recommending a cosmetic product based on whether it works as promised, the cosmetic custom packaging design plays a role in the influence of customer preferences – thus leading to higher sales.

Not Sure Where to Begin with Cosmetic Packaging Designs?

Cosmetic product packaging is a part of a company’s overall branding strategy and when creating a brand offers some confusion and frustration with getting it just right, many marketing executives reach out to an award-winning agency for assistance.

Expert teams of creative designers, target market research gurus, and designs that stop customers in their tracks are only the beginning. When researching branding agencies, be sure to review their portfolio of work, research their process, investigate their proven client results, and contact a representative for an interview. Arrive at the interview with a slew of questions to ensure that the chosen agency provides exactly what you need – on time and on budget.

Your customized cosmetic packaging awaits.

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