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What is ANAB Accredited?

The ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) is the largest multi-disciplinary accreditation body in the western hemisphere, with more than 2,500 organizations accredited in approximately 80 countries. ANAB’s accreditation portfolio includes ISO/IEC 17021-1
4 years ago
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Guide to the PD 25111:2010 Standard

What is PD 25111:2010? PD 25111 gives best practice guidelines on the planning and development of human resource strategies and policies after an incident to ensure business continuity. This includes coping with
4 years ago
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Guide to the CWA 17382:2020 Standard

This CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) specifies a workflow and an overall quality and process management methodology for the initial (engagement and decision making) phase of the retrofit process in existing multi-occupancy residential
4 years ago
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Guide to the BS ISO 21678:2020 Standard

This document defines principles, requirements and guidelines for the development and use of benchmarks when assessing the economic, social and/or environmental performance of buildings and civil engineering works by using sustainability indicators.
4 years ago
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Guide to the BS 13500:2013 Standard

What is this standard about? BS 13500:2013 sets out the fundamental requirements for delivering effective governance of organizational performance. Who is this standard for? Any organization, large or small, looking to implement
4 years ago

Guide to the BS 11200:2014 Standard

A capability to manage crises is one aspect of a more resilient organization. Resilience requires effective crisis management, which needs to be understood, developed, applied and validated in the context of a
4 years ago
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Guide to the BS 8577:2012 Standard

Financial advice is an area of growing concern to the public, and a recent survey indicates that over half of consumers believe the financial advice industry needs to be regulated by an
4 years ago