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What is PD 25111:2010?

PD 25111 gives best practice guidelines on the planning and development of human resource strategies and policies after an incident to ensure business continuity. This includes coping with immediate effects, managing people, personnel and their families during the continuity stage and supporting employees after normal business practices have been restored. The causes of disruption or incidents are diverse – so it’s important for the management of enterprises and organizations to develop and deliver the right plans to minimise the consequences to the best of their ability.

How does it work?

PD 25111 first looks at an overview of the human aspects of business continuity, before demonstrating how to best cope with the immediate effects of the incident. The document also gives practical guidelines on the management of people during the continuity phase and supporting staff after recovery.

Who should buy it?

  • Human resource managers and consultants dealing with business operations
  • Public, private or not-for-profit organizations
  • Top management and all levels of the organization
  • Organizations with a single site and those with a global presence
  • Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and organizations employing thousands of people

Benefits of the PD 25111:2010 Standard?

The current business environment is global and ever changing. It’s important that organizations understand the consequences of incidents and business disruption and how to best manage these. PD 25111 demonstrates how to develop a comprehensive plan to ensure that organizations develop strong human resources strategies and policies. The document gives detailed guidance on the development of human resource strategies that deal with management of the business during the incident and recovery.

Organizations should have a business continuity plan to help manage and minimise the consequences of an incident. However, it is the human aspects of business disruption that are often overlooked and it’s the people that make the business resilient and recover quickly. Organisations that can quickly bounce back after an incident will have a positive impact on their business and customers.

PD 25111:2010 Standard is one of the first documents to emphasise the importance of managing human resources in planning, preparing and delivering a business continuity plan that ensures a resilient business after an incident. By informing the right policies, procedures and strategies and putting other business resilience processes and systems in place, organizations can minimise the disruptions and maximise their recovery time.

The PD 25111:2010 Standard

The PD 25111:2010 Standard, published in July 2010, is a guideline that focusses on the human aspects of business continuity. The document takes into account the importance of developing a comprehensive plan that deals with management of people during an incident and during the continuity period. It sets out best practice guidelines that demonstrate how to prepare for an incident, deal with the immediate effects of the incident and support staff after recovery to ensure a quick, effective and efficient recovery of the business.

The purpose of PD 25111:2010 is to help organizations prepare and plan their business continuity strategies and policies to minimise the human resource disruptions and maximise the restoration time. It covers the management of the business during the incident and during the continuity phase as well as how to support staff during the recovery period and the vital aspects of resuming normal business operations.

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