Surge in Shares, Crochet and Christmas interest during Lockdown 2.0

4 years ago

The digital magazine subscription service Readly has compiled the UK’s largest search trends across magazines during lockdown 2.0. The data reveals the most searched for topics that Brits have explored during the second lockdown – with ‘knitting’, ‘bobble hat’, ‘shares’ ‘baking’ and ‘Christmas’ coming out top. Alternative 80s rock band Spacemen 3 and interior designer Penny Morrison also featured in the top 20 list.

With a portfolio of 5,000 magazines, the search trends across the Readly app demonstrate the depth of interest in sustainable living and handcrafting. Searches such as ‘Knitting’, ‘bobble hat’, ‘baking’, ‘wood’, ‘sourdough’ and ‘crochet’ have continued to rise as Brits spend more time at home, make environmentally conscious choices and take up new hobbies to boost mental health and wellbeing.

Subscribers also seek to broaden their understanding of the home and economic situation with searches such as ‘shares’, ‘family’, ‘home’ and ‘garden’ all featuring in the top 20 list too.

Ranj Begley, UK Managing Director and Chief Content Officer at Readly says: “The topics we search for in magazines reveal the passions and interests taking hold of the nation. During a time of uncertainty, it’s great to see such a breadth of content being consumed – from shares to bobble hats – and a strong appetite for handicraft and hobbies such as food, fitness and music amongst our subscribers. Whether it’s making items from scratch, or doing a quick repair job, we’re continuing the trend of getting back to basics and learning new skills. It’s also encouraging to see our readers searching for ‘Christmas’ inspiration as they look forward to life post lockdown.”


  1. Knitting 
  2. Bobble hat
  4. Christmas
  5. Baking
  6. Spacemen 3
  7. Chickpeas
  8. Sourdough
  9. Wood
  10. Crochet
  11. Family
  12. Bike
  13. Keto
  14. Vegan
  15. Guitar
  16. Garden
  17. Home
  18. Yoga
  19. Baby
  20. Penny Morrison

With over one million app downloads, more than 83 million digital magazine issues were read on Readly in 2019. Readly has 5,000 magazines available to read on the app and a growing portfolio of national newspapers.

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