Supporting Your Employees In The Event Of A Serious Illness: What You Need To Know

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2 years ago

Illness can strike at any time. While there are many ways that businesses can mitigate the risks of an illness or injury at work, sometimes there’s nothing you can do to prevent an employee becoming unwell. In the event that an employee becomes seriously ill and is unable to work, there are still several measures you can take to support them. Here’s what you can do to support your employees and their loved ones in the event of a serious illness.

Listen to your employees

When an employee is dealing with a serious illness, the best thing you can do is talk to them and listen to their concerns. While there are things to consider with regards to whether they can continue in their role, your employee is in a difficult position and the first thing you should do is listen to their concerns so you can figure out what to do together. By creating an open and supportive company culture, your employees will feel confident in discussing their health with you.

Make sure your employees are protected

If an employee comes down with an unexpected illness, they may understandably be worried about the financial impact on them and their loved ones. Thankfully, there are steps your business can take to ensure they’re still getting the support they need. One such step is a group critical illness cover insurance policy. This policy can be taken out by a business to cover all of their employees, and it means that, in the event a staff member is unable to work due to serious illness or if a loved one falls ill, they will receive financial support. A group critical illness policy can be used to pay for treatment costs, subsidise an employee’s lost income or adapt their house to be more accessible. It doesn’t need to be paid back once the employee is fit again. With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing as well as other factors influencing health, the risk of serious illness is always going to be a factor for your employees. Implementing a group critical illness policy will give your employees peace of mind, ensuring that they and their loved ones will be supported in the event of a serious illness.

Offer hybrid working

Depending on the type of work they do for your business, it is possible for an employee to continue working during an illness. Obviously, your employee’s health and wellbeing comes first, so you should discuss any issues with them first, but if they still want to work then consider hybrid working. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in the amount of people working from home, something that has continued even as workplaces have reopened. If the employee is willing, and if your business can offer it, then working from home could be a great way for the employee to continue working while recovering.

Final thoughts

A serious illness can have a devastating effect on your employees and their loved ones, but with these tips you can ensure you can give them all the support they need, financially, physically, and emotionally.

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