Study Reveals: The Smart Home Countries of Europe

4 years ago
  • The top smart home of Europe is the United Kingdom with an average of 229,860 searches a month
  • Highest searched for smart home appliance in all European countries is the ‘Smart TV’ with 512,950 searches
  • The European country with the least smart home appliances is Serbia with just an average of 10 monthly searches
  • Least searched for smart home appliance in Europe is the ‘Smart Laptop’ with an average of 50 monthly searches

 An increasing number of us are embarking on a more tech-savvy lifestyle to keep up with the fast-paced 9 to 5 lives we lead. Intrigued by this notion, the experts at conducted a study to calculate the European countries embracing smart home technologies the most.  

After finding smart home appliances and analysing Google search trends from 20 of the most populated European countries – the figures were in!

Top Smart Home Countries of Europe:

 Already home to one crown, the United Kingdom, earned another title as the leading smart home country in Europe. With a whopping average of 229,860 searches a month for smart home appliances! The most searched for smart home appliance is a ‘Smart TV’, with an average of 165,000 monthly searches made. 

In second place is Germany, with an average of 107,480 monthly smart home searches. Like the UK, ‘Smart TV’ is the most searched for item with 90,500 average searches per month

The Netherlands places third with a monthly average of 66,640 searches for all smart appliances. 60% of those searches were from people looking for a ‘Smart TV’, an average of 40,500 monthly searches.

Bottom Smart Home Countries of Europe:

Hungary is third from the bottom with 110 average monthly searches for smart appliances, 229,750 less than the top European contender, the U.K. Although, unlike the top five winners the most searched for smart equipment, is  a ‘Smart Thermostat’ & ‘Smart Camera’, both equating an average of 30 monthly searches

Greece is penultimate with less than half of Hungary’s average monthly searches. Greeks each month on average search just 50 times for smart home appliances, with their top searched item a ‘Smart TV’, a total of 20 average searches each year

In last place is Serbia, with only 10 average monthly searches for smart home equipment. Even though their top searched for item matches that of 14 other countries, unlike those 14 countries, Smart TV was the only searched item, with 10 average monthly searches.

Top Searched Smart Home Appliances: 

Beating other smart home equipment by more than 483,000 searches, the ‘Smart TV’ was a firm favourite.  Offering internet-connection, a range of on-demand and app features, it’s no wonder why there are an average of 512,950 searches made throughout Europe a month

Keeping the European people cool and toasty, the ‘Smart Thermostat’ comes in second. This home air temperature system receives an average of 29,500 European searches each month

In third place is the Wi-Fi engineered ‘Smart Plugs’ with a monthly average search of 19,250 across Europe.


  • The top 20 most populated European countries were picked for this research. The highest populated countries were found from
  • A monthly average search volume was used by 
  • A translation website was used to translate the 22 searched words (Smart TV, Smart Locks, Smart Thermostat, Smart Garden, Smart Fridge, Smart Plugs, Smart Speakers, Smart Washing Machine, Smart Toaster, Smart Lights, Smart Camera, Smart Kettle, Smart Oven, Smart Security, Smart Tumble Dryers, Smart Hoover, Smart Freezer, Smart Hair Dryers, Smart Dish Washer, Smart Computer, Smart Laptop, and Smart Fitness). 
  • Data was collected on 19/11/2020.

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