Strong Reasons Your Company Should Invest in Photo Organising Software

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3 years ago

When your business grows, it’s not just customer accounts and data that starts to build. As your company extends its reach, establishes new workflows and develops new media you’ll find the number of digital assets that your business must manage and keep organised can quickly become overwhelming.

Failing to keep these assets properly organised can lead to multiple problems within your business, issues which directly impact your daily operations, communications between departments and your company image. This is where photo organizing software can help. Photo organising software is also known as digital asset management software (DAM), which provides a centralised location for all your company’s digital assets. Assets can include photographs, videos, typography, PDFs, product designs, colour palettes, presentations, company branding files, marketing content and others. What all these assets have in common, however, is the need to be kept in an organised, accessible and fully secured location.

In this post, we’ll explore some strong reasons why your company should invest in photo organising software or DAM software. Read on to find out more.

Your Digital Assets Are Protected

When all your digital assets are stored in one centralised location, they’re instantly more secure thanks to the high levels of protection from DAM software. When your assets are used without care, they may be spread across multiple email chains, in other unprotected databases and be at risk of being breached by hackers or your competitors. This can be devastating for your customers, who could also be at risk of having their data stolen, which in turn could be utterly devastating for your small business reputation. Choosing to invest in DAM software, doesn’t just make organising your digital assets easier, it keeps them safe and secure.

Better Interdepartmental Communications

When you have multiple teams working on the same project, it’s not always easy to keep the lines of communication flowing. By using the DAM software platform, everyone has the same access to the same assets and photos, so whether you have a team working on a social media post, or someone else updating the company website, there’ll be fewer discrepancies and better collaboration between teams. This approach also means fewer bottlenecks, which improves workflows and fewer complicated email chains which will keep your business moving.

A Consistent Brand Image

One of the key elements of customer loyalty is building a brand that clients can trust. Therefore, if your social media pages, platforms or communications are littered with brand discrepancies such as inconsistent branding, the wrong colours or typography, the wrong branding on photos or even an incorrect tone of voice, it can raise a few eyebrows and even cost you valuable clients. By utilising DAM software, every employee is on the same page and has access to the latest versions of your logos, colour schemes and other assets that are at the heart of your brand.

Final Thoughts…

Keeping your photographs and digital assets organised is easier when you have the right software. Consider investing in DAM or photo organising software today.

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