Should You Get an Essential Oil Diffuser for Your Office?

5 years ago

It seems like essential oil products are everywhere these days.  They promise a wide variety of benefits, not least of which is their ability to make the air in a room smell fresh and beautiful. They can improve your mood, purify the air and encourage good health for the whole team. 

Pros of an Essential Oil Diffuser for Your Office

Essential oils are good for many purposes.  They impart healing benefits as well and can also help influence mood and increase happiness.  Essential oils also smell fantastic and can help even an old, musty office spaces smell clean and fresh all day. If you use an oil diffuser, you will also be able to humidify the air in your office for the health and wellness of yourself and everyone in your office.

  • Essential oils can help uplift your mood.
  • Essential oils smell great and are not as likely to be smell too strong like regular air fresheners.
  • Essential oil diffusers double as humidifiers which can help to keep the air moist and fresh.
  • Essential oils are not as expensive as other air freshening options on the market.
  • Essential oil diffusers are attractive and come in many sizes and shapes and designs.
  • Most diffusers have multiple settings that offer both low and high output settings and the choice to cycle on and off throughout the day so you can perfectly control the amount of oil that is being disbursed into the room.

Essential oils can be sold in combination or can also be sold individually, allowing you to create your own unique scent combinations. Essential oils can also be used with many of the best air freshener for home.

Cons of an Essential Oil Diffuser for Your Office

While essential oils can be therapeutic and create a lovely environment in your office, there are some other considerations that might argue against having them in an office environment.

  • Essential oils might be too strong smelling for some people.
  • Essential oils dispersed by a diffuser might make the air too moist for some people.
  • It is important to be aware of allergies that your co-workers might have to any of the oils that you might choose to diffuse.
  • You may not have room for an oil diffuser on your desk.

Many offices are now allowing essential oil diffusers to be used as long as the oils that will be diffused are approved by the whole team first. It is important to find out what size diffuser and what oils you are allowed to diffuse first before you bring a diffuser into the office. 

If you get approval to do so, you and your co-workers will enjoy work days with fresh, clean air that smells delightful.  If you are struggling to get approval from your co-workers to use an essential oil diffuser, it may be worth getting looking at getting a waterless essential oil diffuser. The oils that you choose can help everyone focus, can reduce stress and can help during cold season to keep everyone feeling one hundred percent. Essential oils are here to stay and many people are bringing them into the workplace for the benefit of everyone.

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