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US and UK-based compliance firm, RQC Group, has just launched a series of cybersecurity courses, helping financial managers and professionals to get up to speed with current cybersecurity arrangements and how they impact legal and financial markets.

The legal practice, which has been operating since 2007 has gained notoriety for its work in compliance, helping thousands of companies to operate under FCA and SEC licenses, particularly in areas such as investment management.

Along with a series of e-Learning courses that relate to FCA and SMCR, the new cybersecurity courses are available from just £24.00 per course. 

With three different cybersecurity courses currently available, this includes an introduction to cybersecurity training which lasts for 45 minutes. The next step up is comprehensive cyber security training for US financial institutions at £42.00 and 90 minutes long. Finally, there is advanced cyber security training for US financial institutions at £54.00 at 120 minutes duration.

A spokesperson for RQC Group commented: “We are very excited to be introducing more online courses which allow managers and their employees to stop, start, pick up, fast-forward and rewind at their convenience. We offer a Q&A at the end, allowing users to consolidate their learnings and test their knowledge.”

They continued: “We acknowledge the growing nature of cybersecurity and its paramount importance in today’s financial world. Employers and managers should embrace the opportunity to access vital knowledge and information through our virtual courses, whether taking them in the office or when working remotely.”

“We have also introduced a series of e-Learning courses relating to financial crime and anti-money laundering, all key for working in today’s financial markets.”

Elsewhere, senior managers and personnel have just over a month to get SMCR compliant, in line with new regulations introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Senior Managers and Certification Regime or SMCR for short, was introduced following the 2008 financial crisis to increase accountability for any senior managers holding large funds or dealing with large investments. 

The current deadline is set for 31st March 2021 and all senior managers and their employees from the 60,000 FCA regulated firms in the UK will need to be SMCR compliant before this date to continue operating legally. 

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