Recent Trends in the Graphic Design Community

Recent Trends in the Graphic Design Community
3 years ago

Our world faces small-scale and large-scale changes on the daily. Modern careerists know that their industries are no exception to these influences. In the field of graphic design, many creators tend to work within their creative bubble. Nonetheless, each designer does not exist in isolation. Graphic designers are comprehensive message communicators and artistically convey critical messages to target audiences and consumers.

Besides growing advancements in design programs and technology, social, economic, pop culture, and marketing trends all influence the creation of graphic design today. These factors compile into apparent trends that shape and impact the visual messages that graphic design projects send. Let’s look a bit closer at a few recent trends in the graphic design community swooping the industry—and the world—by storm.

Sensory Design

At the root of graphic design is a blank canvas for either digital or print project production. A lot goes into preparing a project for printing, including considering spacing, layout, typography—and yes—current trends. These days, design is in respect to the sensory experience that evokes emotion.

Graphic design is about more than mere visual or touch anymore. Rather, design invades the remaining senses and strays a greater distance from traditional pencil and paper blueprints. While this trend still has a long way to go, thinking broadly about context and the ultimate user experience will define the medium of expression moving forward.

Monochrome and Duotone Design

Custom packaging designs are shedding light on the marketability of color palettes and minimalist themes. These revolutionary iterations are integral components of the recent trends in the graphic design community. Packaging plays a fundamental role in product design. With sleek fonts, illustrations, and storytelling elements, certain brands and businesses can attract unmistakable attention.

In this manner, simple monochrome or duotone designs are standing out from the crowd. Emerging from the past popularity of the minimalism trend, these stark but alluring color palettes and symbolistic logo fonts are setting the scene for future innovations.

Nature-Inspired Design

Perhaps due to the circumstances of the last year—that called for the need to stay indoors—many people are now seeking elements of nature in anything and everything. The latest practices in graphic design are following this fresh inclination and thirst to a tee. Natural, softer, and organic designs have sat on the sidelines for years but have geared up to play on the varsity team as of late.

Reflecting on mood and natural appearance, this source of design inspiration is applicable to any technique, project, or commercial marketing field. As time goes on, these types of visual messaging trends will provide greater authority and authenticity across an array of print and digital platforms—and in prospective climates still to come.

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