Qualities To Look For in a Safety Manager

Qualities To Look For in a Safety Manager
2 years ago

From hospitals to construction sites, certain businesses need safety managers on location. These professionals are in charge of maintaining the well-being of everyone in the workplace. However, it takes an exceptional individual to enforce healthy rules and expectations.

When hiring a safety manager, look for specific qualities that showcase their experience. You can’t entrust just anyone with the lives and health of your employees. Before bringing someone on staff, make sure they exemplify these essential values.

Vast Knowledge

Safety managers must be experts in their fields. They need to know how certain machines and procedures work to make helpful recommendations. They must also be well-versed in local and federal regulatory boards that govern employee safety.

For example, your safety manager must know OSHA hazardous waste regulations to avoid accruing fines for your business. This individual should also have experience documenting conditions and creating safety reports. Additionally, good organizational and technical skills are essential qualities for a successful health supervisor.

Open Communication

Your safety manager isn’t only there to protect your business from OSHA; they are there to advocate for your employees. As such, they need open communication skills that encourage honesty and collaboration. Since safety managers are part of the leadership team, they need to command respect while being respectful in return.

Employees and health supervisors must work together. Usually, staff members are the ones that recognize and report unsafe conditions first. If your safety manager can use communication to develop good relationships, your employees will be more likely to engage in safe practices.

Solid Ethics

One of the most important qualities to look for in a safety manager is a solid set of ethics. These individuals have a tough job; identifying and correcting hazardous conditions sometimes means making difficult decisions.

Your health supervisor can’t be the type of person to take shortcuts. Doing so may put yourself and your employees’ lives at risk. Be sure to check their moral compass; if your potential manager is honest and transparent, they may have enough integrity to do the job well.

Do you know someone who’s ready to take on the challenge? Before promoting them, make sure this person holds all of these qualities first. Since workplace safety can involve a life-or-death situation, you can’t afford to make the wrong hiring decision.

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