Praxis EMR Vs. Practice Mate: Pick the Best EMR for your Practice

Praxis EMR Vs. Practice Mate: Pick the Best EMR for your Practice
2 years ago

Are you prepared to purchase or switch your EMR? A comparison of Praxis and Practice Mate software demonstrates that these two systems are among those providing the most helpful resources when seeking a suitable medical care solution. To obtain a better EMR for your practice, compare Praxis EMR with Practice Mate.  

Overview -Praxis EMR Vs. Practice Mate 

Artificial intelligence technology is used in Praxis EMR, a highly adaptable and distinctive electronic medical records solution, and so allows the use of pre-conceived templates, a pre-set list of patients, illnesses, findings, diagnoses, and pre-structured theoretical text instances. In addition, the software’s Concept Processing AI design enables medical professionals to create, personalize, and distribute their documents and reports by their unique preferences. Since choosing lists and drop-down menus are prominent components of template-based EMR software, Praxis EMR offers a distinctive approach to managing medical and health records, which strives to free doctors and medical professionals from these restrictions.  

A FREE cloud-based medical practice management solution, Practice Mate EMR Software was created by Office Ally and is intended for small to mid-sized practices with many locations. The free program provides beneficial features and advantages intended to streamline the process in medical offices. Additionally, Practice Mate provides a free claim filing tool that allows doctors to submit claims to over 5,000 insurance providers.  

The Practice MateTM billing module’s key features and advantages include sending claims to more than 5,000 payers, free setup and training, 24/7 customer support, free online claim entry, no need to buy software, comprehensive summary reports, and online patient eligibility verification.  

What advantages are there? Practice Mate Vs. Praxis EMR  

Praxis EMR Advantages  

The use and functioning of the so-called Agents is a critical component of Praxis EMR. Agents are AI messengers that let medical professionals quickly chart and remind their personnel of appointments. When a doctor encounters a new patient with a similar situation, agents incorporated into the patient’s notes automatically save and access patient information and any relevant medical data.  

Praxis EMR also enables access to clinical practice guidelines, which are guidelines and suggestions that doctors employ to choose the diagnostic procedures and treatment strategies for their patients. Thanks to the software’s query engine and data mining features, users can quickly build queries without requiring technical knowledge. Moreover, it can use perspective as well as retroactive inquiries. The outcomes of clinical parameters, demographic criteria, laboratory data findings, drugs taken, ICD-10s and CPTs are all considered when users perform retrospective searches. This makes it simple for users to access suitable suggestions based on the patient type.  

Another characteristic of the Praxis EMR is its Knowledge Exchanger function. With the help of this function, Praxis EMR users can exchange knowledge with their knowledgeable coworkers who are also using the program and get insight from one another’s practical experiences. Thanks to this functionality, users can read the imported thought units while maintaining their knowledge. They can use the data in these knowledge bases in their entirety or select bits and pieces to contribute to their approach and documentation process. The joint effort of providers is strengthened by this feature, improving the art of practicing medicine. 

Why think about Practice Mate  

Users of Practice Mate’s practice management software can make appointments, color-code time slots, and maintain a calendar by using the module for appointment scheduling. Patients can schedule appointments whenever they wish via Patient Ally, a secure patient interface provided by Office Ally, the business that created Practice Mate. The patient portal also allows healthcare professionals to approve or reject appointment requests. Before making appointments, they can also check patient forms that have been filled out. In addition, the system can be tailored to meet the requirements of all medical specialties and help further automate tasks required for managing a practice.  

Practice Mate software also has a reporting section that enables users to look for patients using their names, tax IDs, insurance types, and other identifying details. You may need this system if your minor to mid-sized clinic seeks free medical billing and practice administration solutions.  

Practice Mate can be used in conjunction with Office Ally’s EHR 24/7 software to meet the criteria of Meaningful Use Stages 1 and 2. Along with being ONC-ACB 2014 and CAQH CORE® certified, the system complies with HIPAA regulations. 

 What price does it offer?   

It is a great software substitute that is also inexpensive, making it a great option for most clinics. The program’s monthly fee of $259 per physician is fair and exceptionally inexpensive for even small practises. Pricing for the practise mate is completely free. Please contact the merchants if you want to get the specific pricing details! 

What is the price of Office Ally? Office AllyTM delivers a Comprehensive Electronic Health Records Program that enables healthcare professionals to spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork for just $29.95 per month/provider. 

Want to know more about Praxis EMR and Practice Mate- Let’s check the demo.  

A chance to acquire data that can aid in ranking and comparing items should be provided through an EMR demo.  When looking for an EMR software system, EMR demos are a valuable source of information. This is because they allow selection teams to rate vendors based on in-depth and practical knowledge. However, selection teams must exercise prudence and participate actively in this decision-making process rather than only passively consuming the data that the EMR software provider has chosen.  

Small- to medium-sized clinics, clinics with hospital connections, IPAs, and ACOs can benefit from using Praxis EMR. Additionally, it supports independent doctors’ practices and provides specializations like medicine, family practice, pediatrics, urology, integrated medicine, pain management, endocrinology, and more. As users continue to use Praxis EMR as they develop their practices, the technology can, per information in its knowledge base, become more innovative and know more about features, check the demo of this solution. 

Practice Mate is cloud-based and made to assist healthcare companies in managing patient insurance claims and streamlining clinical procedures. On the platform, administrators can upload documents and save client data in a built-in database for further use.  

Practice Mate enables medical providers to put appointments on a calendar and send reminders to patients to remind them of upcoming meetings. Employing electronic intake forms, managers can collect client information while automatically verifying a patient’s insurance eligibility. To control financial processes, clinics can create billing statements and accept credit card payments. So, let’s book a demo to know more before making the final decision. 

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