Niam chooses Netmore’s turnkey 5G solution for rollout of open 5G infrastructure in its Nordic property portfolio

3 years ago

Niam, one of the largest private property owners in the Nordic region with over 1.7 million square meters of real estate in its portfolio, chooses Netmore as its 5G operator when they begin the implementation of open 5G infrastructure for indoor use in their properties. Netmore delivers a turnkey 5G solution without any need for CAPEX investments or operation and maintenance work for the property owner (5G-as-a-service). The solution enables property owners to use the technology themselves, while mobile operators can use the infrastructure and offer 5G services at the location. By doing so, Niam and Netmore initiate an extensive venture that begins with a pilot in Niam’s properties in one of Stockholm’s new districts (Värtahamnen), along with selected properties in the other Nordic countries. Following this, the ambition is to establish the open 5G technology throughout large parts of Niam’s property portfolio in the Nordic region. 

Because Niam’s property portfolio is equipped with Netmore’s 5G solution, it also means that the properties will be connected to Netmore’s property network and will therefore take part of Netmore’s complete property offer. The flagship product, Netmore Proptech Node, is installed in each property, thereby giving property owners and property managers full control and access to their digital environment. With the help of the node, a foundation is laid for secure, digitized and efficient property management. In addition to 5G compatibility, Netmore Proptech Node also offers support for fiber connections, Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN.

“We have, together with Niam, identified the specific features of 5G technology that have the potential to redraw the map for wireless connectivity in indoor environments. The technology both complements and surpasses existing options and standards, and as new laptops and mobile phones are gradually equipped with 5G access, a whole new market is emerging. Access to 5G connectivity is simply a prerequisite for the property to offer an indoor environment that allows for the highest possible productivity and efficiency. 

We are pleased that Niam has chosen our open 5G solution, that has been specifically developed for a new market where property owners play a central role. As a 5G operator with focus on properties and IoT, we enable property owners to strengthen their net operating income, while mobile operators are offered access to the new 5G infrastructure”, explains Ove Anebygd, CEO of Netmore.

Netmore’s turnkey 5G offer to property owners is specifically designed to suit the particular conditions that arise when establishing the new technology on a large scale. The secure solution is adapted to extensive rollouts at high speed and does not require CAPEX investments. Additionally, Netmore introduces a transparent pricing model for all stakeholders using the infrastructure. Furthermore, the maintenance and management of the network is carried out by Netmore, which in its role as operator of 5G networks in real estate, ensures that the technology is of the highest quality and is adapted to the various needs arising from 5G technology usage.

Jennifer Andersson, Managing Partner at Niam, explains, “Niam is constantly focused on creating the most attractive and sustainable properties for our tenants. With this collaboration, Niam will be one of the first Nordic property owners to offer their tenants true 5G connectivity indoors. Our tenants will be able to benefit from the latest state-of-the-art technology with significantly improved IT security offerings compared to what was possible before 5G.

We are very proud of this partnership and look forward showcasing the solution live to potential tenants and stakeholders in our near-term pilots”. 

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