Motorcycle Riding Mistakes to Avoid

Motorcycle Riding Mistakes to Avoid
4 years ago

Motorcycles don’t have the cabin security that cars or trucks offer. With that, there’s a certain amount of adrenaline, awe, and fear with riders. Still, many people find motorcycles stylish, cool, and—depending on which one you buy—freeing. Riders only face the air and the open road in front of them. However, anyone interested in these vehicles should know these motorcycle riding mistakes to avoid. Otherwise, you can risk danger to yourself and others with poor riding skills.


This is an extremely critical issue that many beginner motorcycle riders make. This involves releasing the clutch too fast or not giving enough on the throttle. A stalled bike means that power is cut to the engine and you can’t drive the bike. This can be embarrassing or even dangerous if out in traffic or on busy roads. Fortunately, motorcycle stalls do not damage the vehicle, but it’s important to know how they happen and how to prevent them. You can avoid this issue with practice on the friction zone so you know how much throttle to give at a given time.

Not Covering the Brake

Secondly, it’s also important to cover the brake when necessary. Keeping your hands over the clutch and brake are important to riding safely and properly. Since the clutch transmits power to the engine, you should check your hand placement over it to make sure you’re ready to go when the situation demands it. Similarly, as with driving a car, you should always allow yourself the right amount of distance and stopping time to avoid an accident. Cover the brake lever in case there is a sudden stop in traffic or you need to decelerate your speed.

Forgetting to Counter-Steer

Counter-steering refers to using your body to supply steering input. You should turn your body the way you turn your bike. If you plan to turn right, press right on the handlebars, and vice versa to go left. Give enough lean angle to assure your bike turns properly. Still, counter-steering can scare some so it’s important to practice this as much as possible to become comfortable on your motorcycle in any situation.

Poor Maintenance

Lastly, you should always properly maintain your motorcycle. This includes checking the fluids, replacing the tires, fixing the frame or chassis, and so on. Like any vehicle, the better kept your bike is, the longer it will last. This is true for OEM or aftermarket motorcycle parts. Every part of your bikes demands care and attention to ensure that you ride smoothly and safely.

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