Manage Inventory Effectively With The Top 7 Software Solutions For Small Business

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4 years ago

Inventory management marks the difference between a poorly organised business and a streamlined organisation whose clarity on stock and demand will help them adapt to market conditions.

The easiest step to improve inventory management is to choose the best software on the market (which is what we’ll help you with today). This list contains the leading inventory management a small business will need. These packages are flexible and can keep up with the demands of a growing business.

So if you’re the type that won’t rest until your business model is the best it can be at your size, this is the list for you.

Best Inventory Management Software For Small Business


Ali Hasan from Film Jackets:

Zoho is a very high-quality software that efficiently manages the sales and inventory, with multi-channel selling, features. It is a complete solution from order to shipment at a very affordable cost.

NetSuite ERP

Shiyang Gong from AILaw.Inc:

Since businesses have come to know about the inventory systems helping in taking businesses to the next level, retailers are rushing to get these installed. Inventory Management software is an integral part of small and medium-sized companies. Well, there are hundreds of inventory management software, and every software has its own specifications. I would suggest “NetSuite ERP” because this is a great way to track expenses a very stable and reliable software, and you can also access it from any web browser. NetSuite ERP is a great cloud-based system that made everything faster and more efficient. Invoices, purchase orders, reports cloud all to be done electronically and with minimal effort. It also comes packed with several features and functionalities that can be integrated with financial operations. Netsuite is also the best inventory management software because it can also integrate with the company’s existing CRM and other web investments like Salesforce.


Jovan Milenkovic from KommandoTech:

Megaventory is an intuitive and easy to use cloud-based inventory management platform. It tracks the entire sales and logistics process, keeping your inventory and purchase orders neatly arranged. The software documents the supply-chain data in depth, from the initial order to warehouse, transport, and invoice payment in one integrated platform. This makes it more scalable as you can run Megainventory across your business with flawless integration in multiple locations, and keep them synced through the program. What I like about it the most is excellent user interface, which makes it easy to use for computer users of all skill levels to learn quickly. This differentiates Megainventory from its competitors, which have clunkier and less-streamlined interfaces, in my opinion, making it more appealing to today’s millennial workforce.

SOS Inventory

David Singletary from Wiss:

SOS inventory offers many features that a small business would need. A web-based platform with seamless integration to QuickBooks Online. It includes integrations to online commerce sites like Shopify. Other features include barcoding, re-order points, serial, and lot tracking. If you are manufacturer products, it has assembly capabilities. Pricing comes in lower than other comparable products, which makes it a good value for a small business.

Trade Gecko

David Singletary from Wiss:

Trade Gecko is a web-based platform that provides multiple levels of functionality, which allows you to start small, and as your business grows, it grows with you. It offers integrations to QuickBooks Online and Xero. It has API functionality, which allows you to connect to other programs if needed. It has an extensive collection of reports, which helps you stay on top of your inventory. It handles manufacturing and wholesale businesses as well.. Integrations to Amazon, Shopify, and others, allows you to manage your entire business on the cloud. It also comes with a mobile app.

Dear Systems

David Singletary from Wiss:

Dear Systems is a web-based platform. It comes with a host of features, including managing stock levels, manufacturing, barcoding, lot tracking, and EDI. There are also integrations to QuickBooks, Amazon, Stripe, and Shopify.. One of the best features it the ability to automate tasks and create workflows. These features help a business stay on top of things without tasks falling through the cracks. It also comes with a B2B Portal.

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