Keep your Business Secure with these Security Software Services

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3 years ago

These Software Services are what we recommend to keep the online side of your business safe and secure. Cyber Security should always be a priority, so don’t let your business go unprotected.


This product was recommended by Kelsey Bishop from Vanta

Vanta helps companies automate their security and then prove that security to customers, prospects, and regulators. Specifically, Vanta helps companies get their SOC 2 by automating nearly all of the process. With Vanta, companies get an AICPA-certified SOC 2 Type I or Type II report that lets them skip security review and close enterprise deals faster. As opposed to going through SOC 2 alone, hiring a consultant, or working with an auditing firm, Vanta’s automated software saves companies a massive amount of time – mostly engineering hours – at a fraction of the cost.

Sucuri Security Platform

This product was recommended by Allan Borch from Dotcom Dollar

We use Sucuri to clean and protect all our websites. It’s what SiteGround, arguably the best web hosting platform around, uses so you know that it’s good. Sucuri is an all-in-one security solution that provides protection, monitoring, and unlimited hack cleanup. It scans for malware and hack attempts so I immediately know if any of our sites are vulnerable.

But then it also takes care of removing and cleaning up those threats. The platform does also provides our sites with an HTTPS and PCI compliant firewall that effectively prevents access to our systems from a private network. As someone who runs multiple blog websites, I find the Sucuri platform to be quite an ideal security solution for bloggers.


This product was recommended by Yasir Shamim from PureVPN

Avast is great as a best business software for security because it has mail and spam protection built in. It also has an online security extension so it will protect your online banking. It also has file shield, behavior shield, and more! I personally use the premier consumer version. but the business version is the same incredible antivirus but with business features and management.


This product was recommended by Amit Bidlan from Asian Barrow

Bitfender is the award-wining internet security provider with an integrated cloud scanner to ensure the performance of the machine. It offers a variety of features like real-time scanner, safe pay, spam protection, weak point scanner to ensure an end to end protection. Bitfender has a dedicated team to research malware and safeguard its users. But Bitdefender is a little expensive in comparison to others because of the extraordinary service.


This product was recommended by Amit Bidlan from Asian Barrow

Kaspersky provides a special edition for businesses that are dedicated to provide special protection for servers and workstations. It also has a variety of products from family pc protection to private businesses. The company is working since 1997 and providing features like browser encryption for online banking, webcam and web phishing protection, password manager, intelligent VPN security within budget.


This product was recommended by Amit Bidlan from Asian Barrow

Norton claims a money return guarantee if shield is unable to remove a virus from your machine. The U.S based company has much more to offer at the lowest cost. The cloud backup feature up to 75 GB will keep your data safe even under a malicious attack. Intelligent firewall and real-time protection landed Norton in our top 3 list.


This product was recommended by Baidhurya Mani from Sell Courses Online

LastPass is an excellent password manager that we use to generate strong passwords for all our online accounts and share them securely with other team members in our organization. The team members are able to log in to the company accounts from any browser without ever seeing the actual password. Moreover, as a manager, you have complete control over which team members you want to share account access with. Finally, LastPass is very reasonably priced and will work for just about any small business.

Surfshark VPN

This product was recommended by Sebastian Riley from TheVPNExperts

As a cybersecurity expert i used so many business softwares for security perspective, even i used Antivirus softwares as well. But the Top-Notch VPN service is far better than any other security software. Make sure i am talking about the VPN with no-logs, easily bypass geo-blocked content and best software in terms of security and privacy for businesses. VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts your data in between you and the internet. So, You’re safe while browsing or surfing on the web. It hides your IP address and provide you the fake IP address which helps your data to secure from hackers and scammers.

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