Job Today: One Of The TOP Tech Startups For Recruiting

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1 year ago

Searching for vacancies or suitable candidates for them is a painstaking process that requires time and effort. However, innovative technologies can make it simple, fast, and comfortable for all participants.

Job Today is an online recruiting platform ranked among the TOP 100 technology startups by the World Economic Forum 2020. The company is based in Luxembourg and provides services to employers and job seekers from the UK, the USA, Spain, and other countries.

How to advertise a job on Job Today and find the best vacancy or team members in 24 hours? Let’s find out!

How JobToday works

JobToday is an online platform for entrepreneurs and job seekers. It is a mobile and web application. All the user needs is to register an account and fill out a profile. For example, the applicant needs to indicate education and previous work experience. Employers will have to provide detailed information about the company and the vacancy. Regular posting of news will help increase ad popularity and brand awareness.

The benefits of the Job Today recruitment solution are saving time and simplifying the search process for vacancies and employees. Let’s dwell on this in more detail.

Benefits for employers

  1. Free ad placement. Start looking for employees and then choose the best plan for your company.
  2. Save time. Download the app, fill out your company profile, and start looking for employees right away. No more long resumes and interviews without results! Chat with potential team members via chat or video call.
  3. Look for employees before they respond to your ad. With the help of convenient filters, you can find applicants that meet your requirements

24 hours is the average time to close 70% of vacancies. In just a few days, you can find the best employees among the 10 million active users of the platform.

Benefits for Job Seekers

  1. Free registration, posting ads, and communication with employers. The service allows you to find the best job at no extra charge.
  2. Wide range of vacancies. Work in an area that interests you. Users can find vacancies for trade, restaurant business, construction, cleaning, management, administration, etc.
  3. Ease of job search. Download the app and look for jobs anytime, anywhere. Fill out your profile and chat with employers via chat or video call.

If you appreciate modern technology and want to quickly find the best job nearby, this application will definitely become indispensable.


Job Today is a leading online recruiting service that has processed over 250 million applications since its inception. It allows you to skip long e-mails and boring interviews. The application provides only up-to-date information and convenient tools for managing it.

Do you want to find a short-term or long-term job as quickly as possible? Or, perhaps, are you looking for new employees to join the team? These tasks are easy to solve in a few clicks in a convenient application. Job Today takes recruiting to a new level, fully satisfying the requirements of employers and job seekers.

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