Inspiring Ideas For Your Kitchen Splashback

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2 years ago

Coloured acrylic splashbacks are a great way to add both function and beauty to your kitchen area. They provide practicality while also enhancing the aesthetic of the room. Splashbacks may be installed directly over countertops or on top of other materials, such as tilework, so long as they do not obstruct the workspace below.

Water splashes and stains on your walls will be prevented by the dishwasher-safe glass. You may select from a variety of materials, shapes, and colours to create this feature of the décor a true statement piece. Splashbacks, like worktops, are frequently one of the most noticeable elements in a kitchen, so there’s plenty of room to make them effective. Here are some creative ideas for using a coloured acrylic splashback to brighten up your area.

Choose a Bright Colour

Bright and luminous colours provide a dramatic way to make a statement, especially if the rest of the space is kept simple and more muted. Playing with colour when it comes to interior design may be frightening, but it’s also what makes splashbacks such a fun way to learn

Acrylic splashbacks are ideal for this look, as the bright tones really come through and the glossy surface adds a modern vibe. It’s a good idea to acquire samples to compare against the rest of your kitchen rather than relying on what you see online or in the showroom. This is because colours may look different in your home.

Go Geometric

Drapes, carpets, and fabric designs are all popular ways to make your space more visually appealing. If you’re the DIY type that wants a challenge, consider using different-coloured acrylic slices to create a geometric pattern on your wall.

It may be cleaned just as simply as traditional types and will give a striking effect to any area if installed with a suitable sealant or lacquer. You could also try putting together large blocks of color with patterned fabric or wallpaper sandwiched between two layers of transparent Perspex, which can be mounted to the wall as normal to help keep moisture out while still preserving the effect. This is a unique alternative to the traditional splashback.

Keep It Simple

Clear or frosted Perspex splashbacks are a contemporary, yet understated option if you want something more subtle while remaining practical. They provide a modern, yet basic look to your kitchen.

What is the best type of material to use for a splashback?

There are several options to choose from when considering the material for your splashback. Splashbacks can be tiled, Perspex, glass or metal.

Tile is probably the most popular option as it comes in many colours and patterns that can be customized. You can even find tiles that will imitate wood effects on your wall!

Glass splashbacks are great for more open areas with larger windows where you don’t want to obstruct any light coming into the room. They also tend to be cheaper than other materials like Perspex or tile

Metal is becoming more popular these days as an alternative to traditional tiles too especially if you’re looking at having a stainless steel feature somewhere else in the kitchen such as appliances etc. As long as they’re properly installed, metal splashbacks can be as functional as they are stylish.

Remember to use a sealant on your splashback to increase the durability and practicality of the wall. You can also paint or lacquer your acrylic Splashback for a style that suits you perfectly.

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