How to Write an Argumentative Essay for College

How to Write an Argumentative Essay for College
2 years ago

One of the most challenging yet rewarding projects college students can be asked to complete is the argumentative essay. Argumentative writing is a genre that demands that students investigate specific topics, gather supporting information, assess evidence, and adopt a refutable position on the topic in a clear manner. Since most students struggle to handle this type of assignment, we have created this article to offer some amazing insights on how to create a spectacular paper.

Read and Understand the Requirements

Professors issue assignment prompts to guide students are they write their academic papers. Each task has specific requirements that dictate the length, depth, and nature of the writing expected. You have to remember these requirements as you plan and write your paper.

Read the assignment prompt several times, highlight phrases that could help you understand the task. If needed, ask your professor to provide further clarification. If the requirements appear too complicated ask a professional to write a paper for you. Read this royalessays review to find out what to look for when hiring writers.

Choose a Topic

Argumentative writing requires students to take a stance on an issue and try to persuade readers to understand and support their positions. You will need to come up with a topic about which you are passionate. Remember, the quality and depth of your arguments will depend on how interesting you find the subject.

Consider the interest of your audience and the instructions given in the prompt to make sure that the writing you produce is relevant. Also, you need to remember that you will be expected to persuade others using logical reasoning and credible evidence. So, when choosing a topic, perform some preliminary research to see whether there are enough sources to support your arguments. Check out for more ideas.

Brainstorm for Ideas

If you want to generate the best ideas for your argumentative essay, start by brainstorming for points. This means writing down everything you can think of regarding the subject highlighted in the prompt. The items you produce in your list can help when creating your outline that you can send to a paper writing service.

Brainstorming also helps you decide which side of the argument you wish to take. Make sure you choose the position you can fully support and for which there is enough evidence to allow thorough analysis.

Create an Outline

Outlining is one of the most important elements of effective academic writing. An outline helps students in the same way recipes help chefs. It offers direction, making sure that the writer covers all the important elements highlighted in the prompt.

An outline also demarcates the boundaries of the project and ensures that the writer does not digress. Use the list created during the brainstorming session and develop the items further to create points for your outline.

Create a Working Thesis

Having a clear, concise, and arguable thesis is important for the success of any academic paper. The thesis is often included at the end of the first paragraph of the argumentative essay. It summarizes the core message contained in the text and prepares readers for what is to come. A working thesis helps guide the writer and ensures that the research and analysis processes focus on one important message. A good thesis provided the context of writing the paper and explains why the topic is important.

Research Widely

The main objective of argumentative writing is to persuade or convince readers. This requires that points or ideas be supported using credible evidence and examples. Spend some time gathering credible information for your text. This may include going through peer-reviewed journal articles, books, or government publications. Make sure to record accurate bibliographic information to help with citations and references. The outline will be useful when organizing the results of your research.

Write and Revise Your Paper

Effective argumentative writing requires a stepwise approach, which includes careful planning and research. However, don’t spend so much time in the prewriting phase that there is no room for writing and editing.

Create your first copy, making sure that you have enough support for your points. The best essays also include clear and logical transitions between paragraphs. Most importantly, your body paragraphs should include adequate evidential support.

The final part of your writing is the editing phase. This entails going through the work to ensure coherence, accuracy, and proper formatting. Revise the work for typos and grammar mistakes before you send it to your professor for assessment. You could also ask someone else to help with editing your work. Platforms like TopsWriting have reviewed some of the best proofreading websites online — check them out.

This article summarizes a few insights about how to create an impressive argumentative essay. The secret to exceptional writing is creating and following a plan. Make sure you understand the instructions and cite all your sources.

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