How To Promote Your Camping Business Effectively On YouTube

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2 years ago

The outdoor niche is extremely competitive because it’s so much fun. Selling tents and sleeping bags is more enjoyable than giving people accounting advice. Unfortunately, it means it’s hard to stand out on platforms like YouTube.

If you learn how to market your business effectively, you’ll eventually start to find success. You just need to know a few tricks the big brands won’t tell you about. Here are some great tips to help you get started on YouTube.

1. Go Into Depth About Products

When someone tries to buy a tent online, most product pages don’t offer too many details. You’ll usually see a short description, a few bullet points, and some photos. It’s a shame because customers want to know much more.

Start creating YouTube videos about all your products in extreme detail. Talk about everything someone would want to know. It won’t take long before you notice your conversion rates reaching levels you’ve never seen before.

2. Answer Customer Service Questions

You’ll probably have to deal with lots of customer service calls every day. If you have a team that deals with customers, ask them to compile a list of common questions. You can make a separate video on every question.

If someone is calling up about a particular problem, other customers will likely be interested in the answer. In the future, you’ll get fewer people calling up to ask about your camping gear and equipment.

3. Showing Your Products In Action

If someone is going to buy a sleeping bag, they’ll want to know the temperature rating. Camping in the woods would be even better. You could take a thermometer to show the exact temperature in your sleeping bag.

If you went camping during a heavy storm, it would show everyone your tent doesn’t leak. You’ll sell more products if you show them in action. Don’t let competitors steal your customers because they have a better copywriter.

4. Customers Should Know Your Colleagues

Your employees probably won’t want to appear in all your YouTube videos, but it’s still nice to put everyone in one or two. It will give customers a chance to know who is working for you, which will help increase sales.

People want to buy from companies with nice employees. If you keep everyone locked away, you’ll come across as a faceless organization. Even if someone is only in a video for a few minutes, it will make a difference.

5. Start Trying To Focus On Going Viral

Some people will be interested in a general camping video, but everyone would be interested in an Amazon rainforest camping trip. A video shot in freezing weather will be more interesting than one shot in Spring.

Think about how you can take your videos to the next level. It will give you a much better chance of going viral. You won’t be able to strike gold all the time, but a few viral videos per year could help your business a lot.

It’s Easy If You Work Hard

It will take you some time to build an audience, but it gets a lot easier if you work hard. Every video you publish should be higher quality than the last.

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