How To Promote A Charity Culture At Work

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2 years ago

Whilst volunteer and charity programs at work are a great way to give back to the community and receive positive press for your brand -there are also many internal benefits of having a charity scheme within a business or organization. Research has found that these programs boost engagement, and are a powerful employee retention tool if utilized and executed correctly. With these funds raised for your chosen charity, they are able to put some of this money towards hiring specialized charity law firms, for vital services and extra support for their continued growth and service delivery.

Encourage volunteering in and out of work

A great way to attract employees and customers to your business is by encouraging and promoting volunteering within the workplace. As most people commonly choose to volunteer through their time and by providing financial support, encouraging paid volunteering work whilst at work can increase the volume of charitable donations that they may receive, whilst improving and enhancing the current company culture.

Organize activities such as trivia quizzes or bingo to promote charities

A quiz can provide the perfect excuse to get everyone together and do some team bonding – perhaps something intellectual and engaging where staff can learn some interesting new facts, and work together as part of a team. Alternatively, bingo is always an old-school favourite- and gives everyone a chance to get involved and raise some money for a great cause, whilst being fun and light-hearted.

Let the employees choose the charities they want to support

Encouraging your employees to research and choose the charity they would like to support, will increase engagement and team spirit, as they will inevitably choose a charity that they value and care about. This will increase the motivation and degree of support for the events and volunteering for the chosen charity, but also benefit the company by increasing their motivation within the workplace as employees will feel as though they have been listened to and cared for.

Organize lunch and learn sessions to give visibility to charities.

Lunch and learn sessions are a great way to bring the whole team and wider business together, to increase awareness and further support for your chosen charity. This session could cover the excellent work they achieve, and what individual donations can go on to support. This is a great time to brainstorm further charitable days and events, such as planning the next charity bake sale or dress-down event.

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