How To Make Your Commercial Parking Lot More Appealing

How To Make Your Commercial Parking Lot More Appealing
3 years ago

Do you think that your parking lot could use a makeover? You want to ensure your lot looks nice and doesn’t frustrate employees or visitors. This article will explore how to make your commercial parking lot more appealing.

Consider Efficient Traffic Flow

Have you ever visited a parking lot and wondered why it’s designed the way it is? Plenty of us have asked this question at one point or another. This questioning stems from confusing traffic flow. Poorly placed signs, oddly angled parking spots, an entrance in an odd area, or poor space usage are all elements that tend to annoy customers and delivery drivers when using a parking lot.

If you’re trying to avoid this with your lot, imagine the many businesses you’ve been to and make a list of what you did and didn’t appreciate in terms of their parking lot.

Invest in Better Lighting

A well-lit parking lot is essential for employee and customer safety. You may not have to deal with darkness during summer, but the sun doesn’t shine for as many hours during winter.

Proper lighting is also ideal for keeping criminals and trespassers away from your business. Pairing security cameras with excellent lighting will help you keep a vigilant eye on anything happening in your parking lot.

Design Lot With Maintenance in Mind

We’re not just discussing the pros and cons of asphalt vs. concrete here. Your commercial parking should last between 15 and 20 years with the correct maintenance and proper installation. Set yourself up for success and make things easier by designing a parking lot that will be accessible for regular maintenance routines. Avoid planting messy or quick-growing trees in areas that surround your lot.

Carefully Consider Accessibility

Even though certain design aspects are required by law, it’s still possible to make mistakes when considering the accessibility of your parking lot. As a business owner, you should take accessibility into careful consideration to avoid mistakes such as the wrong number of accessible spots, ramps in the incorrect place, or inadequate curb cuts. These mistakes can make it difficult for those with mobility issues to get into your business.

Following any of these tips will help make your commercial parking lot more appealing. A well-designed parking lot is one less thing you need to worry about regarding your business.

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