How To Keep Your Business Safe When Employees Work From Home

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11 months ago

Remote working is a contentious issue in the business world. Some business owners are going to feel more positive about it than others, and a lot of that depends on your circumstances and how your working structure accommodates this shift. If you have chosen it for your own company, that doesn’t mean you’re immediately without concerns. Chief among these might be keeping your business safe when your staff members are spread out and seemingly more at risk from online threats.

Fortunately, there are several ways for you to keep your business safe, even when you’re sticking with an entirely working-from-home model.

What the Cloud Has to Offer

Chances are, if you’re working from home, The Cloud is already a tool that you use on a regular basis. Working together across long distances, collaborating on documents, and keeping backups that are easily accessible are all going to be beneficial uses when you’re all in distinct locations. However, while that last item on the list is already venturing into security territory, there might be more you can do to enjoy all the protection The Cloud offers. With more businesses than ever in your position, being able to provide security is something that’s in the best interest of cloud providers. This means that cybersecurity against enhanced threats and cloud data protection can be very real facts of your business, providing a great deal of comfort even when working from home, something you can learn more about by reading cloud data protection reviews.

The Cloud is an essential part of your operation as a business that operates remotely, and taking full advantage of that can show you everything it offers.


The idea of an encrypted platform is somewhat par for the course in the modern world. Platforms like WhatsApp that act as messaging services use it as a selling point to make users feel more relaxed, and payment gateways now use it as standard. If your business is offering a service that deals with sensitive information like this, ensuring that your platforms are properly encrypted is paramount to avoid negative consequences and showcase your legitimacy and reliability as a brand.

Once again, though, this is a situation where data is more important than ever. While you receive an enormous amount of data from your audiences, some of this will be particularly sensitive, as is the case with industries such as healthcare. That’s not to say that the more mundane types of data aren’t important, however. This information is not only sensitive to your audience members, but it’s incredibly important to you as a business, as it can be analyzed in order to finesse your strategy. It goes without saying that you don’t want this to be the target of any cyberattack from outside or within your company, but it’s also something you want to keep under wraps from your competition. It would be even harder to come back from this if they found out.

The Tools They Need

If you’re just now starting the shift into a remote model, you might be wondering how to go about certain practical considerations. In the office, your staff members might have access to desktop computers, all of which are on the same network and managed by your IT department to be secure and capable of connecting your employees to everything they need. When everyone works from home, do people just use what they have there? Do they take their desktops with them? Or should you provide them with everything that they need to do their job effectively?

Using their own devices might make you more susceptible to safety risks, especially if they aren’t equipped with the same cybersecurity level as the business when operating in the office. Providing everyone with the correct antivirus (and other software) and full training will help, but you still rely on them to secure your data properly. Furthermore, you might find that being on a different network doesn’t afford the same security level as in the office. So, what about providing them with everything that they need? While this might be something that you’re hesitant about due to the costs involved, it might be the most practical option. Moreover, if you think of working from home as a shift that you need to establish properly in order to get the most out of it, this can be viewed as an investment. Laptops, headsets, and anything else that allow them to work as you want them to can make this process much smoother overall.

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