How to Easily Pass Walmart Assessment Test

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3 years ago

Walmart’s unique way of screening its front office workers is through the Walmart Assessment Test. Any worker who wishes to work as a cashier, personal shopper, order filler, and other hourly positions must pass the test before they get hired.

There are other test categories for workers in permanent/ senior positions, such as team leaders and managers. The purpose of the Walmart Assessment Test is to measure if a candidate will be able to follow the supervisor’s directions and to cooperate with other co-workers.

Components of the Walmart Assessment Test

The Walmart assessment test with answers is a test course that gives you lifetime access to test guides and questions to help you understand the components of the questions and prepare to tackle the real test.

Many of the Walmart Assessment Test questions are about customer relations because Walmart’s business is customer service oriented. You will be tested if you care about customers in terms of giving correct change, answering questions fast, responding to complaints correctly, and anything that will make customers happy. The test has four components.

Customer service

In this section, you will be given several work scenarios and you will be required to select an answer that represents the most appropriate action and another that represents the least appropriate action. To help you perform better in this section, read the questions keenly and note the main words. Have in mind what good customer service is all about. On Miscommunication is the leading cause of many professional relationships so communication and the Ability to Read Non-verbal Cues is a must have as mentioned by

Problem-solving ability

This section tests your ability to handle the transactions effectively, especially cash. You will use diagrams and graphics to get the right answer. If you want to work as a cashier, you must be very keen on this section and do some math practice, you can use the McKinsey problem solving test to sharpen your skills.

Work experience

This section is simple because all that you are required to share is your past work experience. The purpose is to measure which areas you are stronger or weaker in. If you haven’t worked before, simply indicate you have no experience.

Personality questionnaire

This section tests your work style preferences and it’s usually set in an agree/disagree format. You must be keen because some questions might be the same, only that they are rephrased.

How to pass the Walmart Assessment Test

All questions are simple but very tricky and each question demands your key attention to how it’s phrased and its expected answer. There are several ways to help you prepare and pass the test.

Understand what the Walmart Assessment Test is

Study resources that will help you understand all about the Walmart Assessment Test, what it is and what it tests. This is an important point towards passing the test if you understand the test’s purpose. You might want to search for other similar tests that will help you understand employment-related tests.

One crucial test you should understand is what a Wonderlic test is. If you search the question of what is a Wonderlic test, you will understand it is a psychometric test used by businesses, educational institutions, and sports organizations to measure an individual’s aptitude and problem-solving skills. In the same way, understand what a Walmart Assessment Test is.

Prepare through practice

Study the online resources for sample tests and take the tests as many times as you can. The more you take the tests, the more accurate you will be in terms of giving precise answers and understanding the nature of the questions. Most websites update their sample questions annually to make them accurate and relevant.

Read every question keenly

The test questions are not complicated but they are twisted to help you think deeper and capture your abilities better. Most test-takers fail because they rushed to give answers before they understood the question. Although it is recommended that you attempt all the questions, you don’t need to answer them all.

Learn to stick to time

If you want to answer as many questions as possible, learn to practice working with speed while keeping accuracy. If you take too much time answering one question, you will only be able to answer a few, unlike if you take a few seconds to answer each question. Remain focused and refuse fear at all costs. Nervousness might cost you a chance that you could have earned easily. After the test, relax and hope for the best.

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