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In many ways, your environment can determine your workday’s productivity. When your workspace is dull, cluttered, or impersonal, this can affect your performance. In this article, we’ll share tips on how to decorate your desk at work to help your workspace feel more comfortable and successful.

Bring Photos From Home

If transitioning from a remote to an in-person work schedule has made you homesick, consider decorating your desk with some of your favorite photos. Including pictures of your friends and family is a perfect way to personalize your office desk and make your workspace feel more comfortable. These items are simple to incorporate and will make your office feel more like home.  

Pro Tip: If you’re a boss or a manager, displaying photos of your life outside work can also help make you appear more approachable to new hires or shy employees.

Keep It Functional

As you decorate your office desk, avoid turning your workspace into an unprofessional area. If your desk is cluttered with many small decorations or items, these objects could affect your productivity and lead coworkers or bosses to perceive you as immature. Avoid this disaster by organizing your desk with functional items.

Functional and Decorative Desk Items

  • Colorful pencil and pen holder
  • Personalized case for laptop or computer
  • Customized mouse pad
  • Patterned files and folders 

Add Creative Inspirations

When you work at a job that requires you to think creatively, it’s easy to get burned out and run out of ideas for new projects. Jobs that force you to think outside the box can be even more challenging to keep up with when you’re not comfortable with your workspace. If you struggle to feel inspired at your desk, try adding small emblems of inspiration.

Although it may seem strange to include at your workspace, having a select number of mini toys from your favorite TV show, music group, or sports team can make your workspace more creative. Including a small number of these personal touches will remind you to stay creative during long and grueling workdays.  

Your workspace is an essential component of your workflow. Consider how to decorate your desk at work so that you can feel more comfortable, become more creative, and complete your daily tasks successfully.

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