How To Apply For A U.K. Skilled Worker Visa

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The UK implemented a new points-based visa system on January 1, 2021, allowing companies to hire individuals to work in the UK in a particular position in a qualified skilled occupation. 

To be eligible for a UK work visa, the individual must obtain at least 70 points. If the individual has a job offer for a skilled position that has been authorised and can speak English well.

The essential characteristics of the Skilled Worker route are that the applicant will be required to be sponsored to get a specific job that matches the skill and pay standards by a company that has been licensed by the Home Office.

Application Process of Sponsor Licence

To apply for a sponsor licence, your company must have a UK presence and be legally functioning or dealing in the UK. If you have several UK branches, you may apply for a single licence to cover all of your related UK organisations; alternatively, depending on your circumstances, you may qualify for a separate licence for each branch.

A company must submit an online application form, four supporting documents as trading presence proof, and a cover letter to provide further details about the company in order to apply for a sponsor licence, which was formerly known as a Tier 2 sponsor licence. In addition, the company must include a letter that provides background information about the company. 

You need to use the SMS system to apply to maintain the sponsor licence. After registering your account, you will be given a user ID and a password to access the system. 

You have five business days from the time the form has been submitted, together with the payment, to send any supporting documents to the Home Office by ordinary mail.

Skilled Worker Visa Application Process for Employees

To be qualified for a Skilled Worker visa, the applicant must submit a form on the Internet together with all essential supporting documents and pay the corresponding fee. In addition, the applicant must meet a number of criteria.

According to information from the Certificate of Sponsorship, applications may be made up to three months before the worker’s expected job start date in the UK.

After receiving their Certificate of Sponsorship, the candidate will have three months to submit an application for sponsorship via an online application system. They will need a reference number, which may be found on each certificate, to apply for the certificate.

Furthermore, in order to get a visa, you must visit a facility that handles visa applications in person, where they will register their biometric information and show a number of papers in support of their application. 

If you are currently in the United Kingdom and wish to work legally as a skilled worker, you have the choice of requesting an extension to your present status or requesting a change to your status.

Associated Fees

The application to become a sponsor will cost a small business or nonprofit organisation £536, while a medium-sized or large corporate will be required to pay $1,476.

The applicant must pay the visa application fee, which is decided by a variety of factors, including whether the employment is on a shortage occupation list. Any dependents who apply with the original visa applicant must pay the same costs. When applying for a skilled worker visa, workers must demonstrate that they have the financial means to meet the following requirements. You must pay the application fee, which may range between £625 and £1,423 depending on your specific circumstances. 

Healthcare expenditures must be paid, which are generally estimated to be £624 per year. You’ll normally need at least £1,270 to maintain yourself after moving to the UK (except if you’re exempt from this need). If your work is on the shortage occupation list, you will have to pay less for your application. The required payment amount will be given to you when your application is submitted. 

Documents Needed

The following papers are required to apply for a Skilled Worker Visa:

  • The reference number assigned to the Certificate of Sponsorship by the sponsoring organisation.
  • The sponsor’s name and sponsorship licence number, which may be found on your sponsorship certificate.
  • Position verification at work
  • Request confirmation of the position’s annual salary. 
  • Evidence of proficiency in the English language.
  • Having a degree in English from an approved institution.
  • A valid passport or other documentation showing your nationality and identity.
  • The name code for your profession. 

Before you can apply for a visa, you must first get a legal Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from the worker’s UK sponsor. This document serves as verification that the application fits the sponsorship eligibility standards for both the person and the position.

The sponsor must validate the right SOC code for the position before evaluating whether or not the job qualifies for the Skilled Worker route.  The description of the role on the list must correspond to the available position.

After identifying the SOC code, it must be cross-referenced with the list of occupations that fall within the Skilled Worker category to ensure that it is included and meets the requirements for this category.

After obtaining a sponsor licence, an organisation is registered with the Home Office as a sponsor and may begin issuing Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) to skilled foreign migrants, subject to completing the conditions.

The candidate for the skilled worker visa is required to provide the Certificate of Sponsorship, often known as the CoS, to the Home Office along with their application. Certificates of Sponsorship may only be issued by sponsors who have been granted permission to do so. For many businesses, the ability to employ competent individuals from abroad is critical to the effective operation and development of their organisation.

Sponsor licence will be valid for four years, with a renewal option at the end of the fourth year. However, if the Home Office suspects you of failing to fulfil your sponsorship obligations, your licence may be suspended or withdrawn.

Skilled workers may bring their families (spouse and children) to the UK and request to settle after 5 years of continuous legal residency.

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