How Mila Leverages Voice Of The Customer (VoC) For Higher NPS Scores

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2 years ago

Mila is the European leader in on-demand technical support, serving five countries with over 11,000 crowdsourced technicians in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, and the UK. We are headquartered in Zürich with offices in Berlin and London.

Our customer service team deals with five countries and speaks over half a dozen languages to provide customer service that consistently delivers an 88.5 NPS score. I believe there is a direct correlation between our management approach to VoC and our NPS score.

Our entire team across CX, UX, engineering, product, and marketing relies on Salesforce and Hotjar, which tracks how people use our website. This feedback is immediately used for online tweaks by our UX team.

Mila has a lot of moving parts – we serve over 40 global brands including, Google, Amazon, Apple HomeKit, Ring, Samsung, NETGEAR, Bosch, and Otto. Most bookings are completed on third-party websites, making our booking funnel the first step in the customer journey and where we begin tracking our VoC.

If the booking funnel functionality receives negative feedback, we must go to our global brand enterprise partners and ensure that the API is working, that the pricing is realistic, or see if there is an issue at the point-of-sale from a retail location where there may be a voucher program in place. Again, five countries, 40 brands, and multiple languages – this is what our VoC data reflects each and every day.

Our five-star rating system tracks the quality of the technicians, which is critical to our success. Once a customer’s service or installation has been completed, they rate our five-star query section and provide feedback on the quality of the technician experience, such as:

  • Knowledgeable about the product
  • Expert in the installation of the product
  • On-time
  • Friendly

We rely on our technicians to report the actual time it took to complete their service package so we can ensure we are not under- or over-charging our customers for their services. And, this is not just our decision, a brand partner often determines pricing, and if the amount is locked in, we then have to make it work for the customer on our end.

We have to be fair to both our crowdsourced technicians and our customers, and in being the face of over 40 brands – not just the Mila brand – VoC is critical to our operation and our success.

If the technician’s knowledge is not getting five stars, we look at their training from our Mila Academy. We may require additional training or re-training by a technician who is continually rated poorly. Our Mila Pros (licensed business operators) and Mila Friends (tech-savvy neighborhood locals) are the front lines for Mila.

If a technician is showing up as non-friendly, we may review our code of conduct with them or offer specific interpersonal training, a worst-case scenario for any technician issues would be sanction or removal.

Our VoC Slack channel is active 24 hours a day – in four languages. I depend on my team to deal with any issues within hours and I follow their progress closely. Leadership in customer satisfaction begins at the top and it’s the CEO’s obligation to put VoC on their radar at all times. Mila’s success is determined by the Voice of our Customers.

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Chris Viatte is the founder and CEO of Mila, the European leader of on-demand technical support operating in four EU countries and the UK.

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