How Did 888 Group Become One Of The Leading Brands In The iGaming Industry?

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2 years ago

Nowadays, 888 Group enjoys wide recognition in the iGaming industry, but it didn’t happen overnight. It was a matter of overcoming several roadblocks along the way, never losing faith in the quality of its products, and diligently serving its customers day in and day out.

With that in mind, let’s briefly look at the company’s early beginnings and where it stands now regarding products offered, growth strategy, and vision for the future.

The early beginnings

After being in business for roughly a decade, 888 acquired Globalcom Ltd, the group’s first acquisition. The deal was worth $43.4m in cash, effectively setting the stage for everything to come afterward. A series of acquisitions and mergers followed, including Wink Bingo in 2009, the All American Poker Network in 2018, and BetBright and JPJ Group in 2019. In 2021, 888 Group effectively took over William Hill.

888 – A series of trusted online betting and gaming brands

888 Group operates a series of brands in the online betting and casino space:

– 888 casino: one of the leading casino brands

– 888 sport: an innovative take on sports betting

– 888 poker: a rapidly growing online poker platform

– 888 bingo: one of the most exemplary bingo networks in the UK

Overall, 888 brands enjoy widespread popularity on a global scale, particularly in the US, where they’re trending at the moment. Those new to the platform can use the 888 casino NJ promo code to sign up, unlocking several welcome perks and bonuses.

Strategy and market focus

Currently, gaming products account for 86% of the group’s revenue, while betting products make up the remaining 14%. To achieve their product leadership goals, 888 Group focuses on:

– Usability: the products are intuitive, user-friendly, and have a flat learning curve.

– Safety: fun is one of the top priorities; safety always comes first.

– Content: to keep the customers entertained, the product offerings need to be content-rich.

– Scalability: the motto is ‘build once and scale to millions of hungry customers.’

– Innovation: resting on their laurels is the last thing on the developers’ minds, so constant innovation is critical.

– Entertainment: 888 is no stranger to using Artificial Intelligence and gamification to keep the users engaged.

888’s competitive advantages

888’s rise to success was not a fluke. Instead, it was a direct result of sticking to a well-thought strategy. Without delving in too deep, it comes down to having these core three competitive advantages:

Customer excellence

888’s products are built on a thorough understanding of their customers’ needs, allowing them to hit the nail on the head and provide a stellar customer experience. This is supported by the group’s dedicated customer support department that jumps in whenever someone needs help. You can think of it as a mix of two powerful forces – a devoted team spirit and advanced technology.

Brand recognition

Through sophisticated advertising and practicing market leadership, 888 Group was able to propel its brands to the top. This was possible by relying on data-driven marketing strategies and optimizing their campaigns. After all, this is a competitive market, so customer acquisition and keeping them engaged wouldn’t be possible without innovation.

Content leadership

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t at least heard of 888, the global market-leading brand. Delivering a stellar user experience is the backbone of efficient content leadership, and that’s what the group chooses to focus on. By tapping into the power of AI, its customer base enjoys a highly-personalized experience and individually differentiated content.


We live in exciting times, and 888 Group is proud to be able to share the journey with its devoted customers. As we move deeper into 2022 and beyond, many exciting new developments are on the horizon.

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