How Businesses Can Give Back During the Holidays

How Businesses Can Give Back During the Holidays
2 years ago

The holiday season is all about the spirit of giving, and that spirit can extend to businesses. Amid the chaos of holiday shopping and holiday sales, there are plenty of ways for your business to adopt the spirit of giving. Here’s some inspiration for how your business can give back during the holidays.

Thank Your Employees

Your employees make up the face of your business. Without them and all their efforts throughout the year, your business wouldn’t have its positive reviews and satisfied customers. Treat your employees by offering them branded gifts, holiday bonuses, paid time off, or gift cards for food and self-care services. If you’re unsure what to give your employees, check out some of the projected corporate gift trends for the 2022 holiday season. They might appreciate tech accessories or branded apparel. Rewarding your employees for their hard work throughout the year is a thoughtful gesture and helps them stay motivated through the end of the year.

Donate to a Local Charity

There are more ways to give back outside of your business itself. Look past your business and its employees to your community. During this year’s holiday promotions and sales, consider promising a portion of your profits to your favorite local charity. For example, your business could designate a week of holiday sales for your charity benefit and donate a certain percentage of these proceeds. You could also consider matching the amount of money your employees and customers raise.

Host a Food or Gift Collection

If a full donation isn’t in the budget this year, you could also contribute to your favorite local charity by hosting a food or gift drive. Set up a donation bin and contribute non-perishable foods, toys, or personal care items. Then, deliver them to your local charity or food pantry service. Try to encourage employees and customers to donate the items you’re looking for as well.

Volunteer as a Company

Nothing’s more valuable than time during the holiday season, but consider offering your employees some paid volunteering time and bringing your whole team together for a volunteering opportunity. Local charities and shelters need all the help they can get this time of year since more people count on their services. Volunteering as a company is a fantastic way to give back to your community and show your business cares too.

Use these ideas for how your business can give back during the holidays to really embrace the holiday spirit this year. These strategies are perfect ways to thank your employees, customers, and your community as a whole.

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