Heficed Launches BGP Communities for Optimized Traffic Routing

4 years ago

Heficed, a network infrastructure solutions provider, is launching Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) communities onto its infrastructure stack. The highly-demanded feature will enable its customers to identify optimal paths and adjust traffic routes accordingly, introducing more flexibility and speed in the context of network management.

The feature is being rolled out a few months past the 30-year BGP anniversary, when the routing protocol was first published. Although the cyberspace has come a long way since then, BGP has retained its role as a vital piece in the Internet’s infrastructure.

The main purpose of BGP is to manage how data packets are shared across autonomous systems (AS) through the exchange of reachability information between edge routers. Thus the rollout will allow Heficed’s clients to direct data through different ISPs, offering new-found flexibility in managing traffic quality while also having an indirect effect on decreasing latency.

“The option to instantly switch between different routers offers more streamlined network management, as well as improves the speed and quality of traffic,” explained Zilvinas Vaickus, Head of Infrastructure at Heficed. “We have been using BGP communities among the team for a while now. Having seen its benefits up close, we are excited to finally introduce the high in demand function to our clients.”

Heficed has been continuously refining its product suite to better fit the needs of their clients. Recently the company has rolled out the Take Away IPs (TAIP) feature, enabling clients to use leased IP addresses on third party networks, and Bring Your Own IPs (BYOIP) functionality, enabling clients to use and monetize their personal IPv4 resources within the infrastructure provided by Heficed. The end goal for the company is to have these all processes completely automated, eliminating the need for manual supervision to maintain their operability. 

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