Guide to the PD ISO/TR 22370:2020 Standard

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4 years ago

The PD ISO/TR 22370:2020 standard describes a framework and principles that are coherent with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including the New Urban Agenda, Paris Agreement and Sendai Framework, that can be applied to enhance urban resilience. This document proposes the use of metrics and models as the framework upon which to structure urban resilience to assist local authorities and other urban stakeholder’s efforts to build more resilient human settlements.

This document is primarily intended for use by organizations with responsibility for urban governance. However, it is equally applicable to all types and sizes of organizations that represent the community of stakeholders noted above, and in particular those organizations that have a role in urban planning, development and management processes in urban areas around the world.

Why do you need the the PD ISO/TR 22370:2020 Standard?

  • Raise the level of knowledge of urban resilience among policy makers, planners, and implementers, so that they have a common framework to follow when making decisions regarding resilience.
  • Provide clear and consistent communication between all stakeholders on what resilience means, and how it should be understood.
  • Assist in raising public awareness of issues relating to urban resilience, including to ensure that the general public is well-informed about the need for taking action.
  • To assist in sharing good practice and experience among municipalities and other organizations.
  • Use it as a framework to structure urban resilience planning so that it is actionable and can be assessed over time.
  • Enable, through the use of indicators, coherent monitoring of urban resilience development, and to monitor the progress made in implementing the framework.
  • Complete the suite of standards that can be used to promote sustainable development at the international, national, local and organizational levels, as well as within the operations of organizations.

In summary, the purpose of PD ISO/TR 22370:2020 is to provide:

  • A framework for using resilience as a basis for actionable urban planning (i.e. urban resilience planning framework), consistent with (and subsuming under its terms of reference) the sustainable development goals and readiness for implementing change as one of the life cycle perspectives (indicating how to implement the framework at the local level);
  • Help in documenting the theoretical and rational framework, process methodology, tools and techniques in urban resilience planning;
  • Accountable, consistent description of the problem, causes, measures, strategies and actions for urban planning;
  • Consistent interpretation of the actions and measures for urban planning;
  • Consistent communication and information exchange;
  • Consistent guidelines for reporting on urban resilience initiatives;
  • Consistent description of normal and non-normal situations (NSS) for urban resilience planning;
  • Consistent indicators for the evaluation of urban resilience planning;
  • Guidelines for reporting on urban resilience planning, especially during and after the accomplishment of the targeted goals.

The document is not intended to be an academic tome to validate and rank the importance of individual issues. Rather, the core consideration is to ensure that an urban authority and its staff have a comprehensive set of parameters and tools that make it possible to assess the progress of actions in relation to the time frame over which the proposed actions and measures can be implemented.

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