Guide To Getting The Best Office Wall Mounted Cupboards

4 years ago

When you want to highlight your treasured items and valuable goods but floor space is tight, wall mounted cupboards are a stylish storage solution. Maybe you just want to keep your most prized possessions safe from dust and curious fingers; wall mounted cupboards offer an unobstructed but fully protected view of items you are exhibiting.

More and more people are giving up their open shelving and use of bookcases and prefer to display their contents on a wall, which makes room for more interesting decor. If you have an up market or deliciously eclectic style, wall mounted curtains or panels are a practical, cost-effective and stylish choice.

Best Office Wall Mounted Cupboards

Elite 32” Stackable Wall Cabinet

SystemBuild Boss Wall Cabinet

RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Two-Door Wall Cabinet

RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Two-Door Wall Cabinet

Crosley Furniture Tara Wall Cabinet

Zenna Home Classic Wall Cabinet

Wall mounted cupboards are also appreciated by home designers and interior decorators. The look of rich formal furniture with a modern twist; bespoke frames and glass partition panels; decorative solid wood and metal fittings; and metallic mesh panels have put wall mounted cupboards right on the cutting edge of interior design.

Wall mounted cupboards are an attractive alternative to wall mounted coat hooks. Wall mounted shelves do not occupy space or interfere with peripheral vision. You will be surprised that wall cupboards are tall, strong and not intrusive. Even open shelving has become problematic and expensive. Wall cupboards store more stuff, offer more display options, have a practical reach convenient for everyday access and are also more affordable.

Modern kitchens and bathrooms call for interesting designs, so wall mounted cupboards are an ideal way to store, display and protect food, cups, toiletries, towels, equipment and gifts. They are also popular displays for children’s toys and sporting equipment. Furnishing your favorite boudoir with stylish wall cupboards is like creating a luxurious atmosphere in your bedroom.

It is very practical to have a range of colors, patterns, decorative styles and materials to choose from, from the simplest and most decorative retail wall hung cupboards to the most dramatic and artfully designed wall mounted cupboards; if it’s contemporary, moody or rich in style, there’s a wall mounted cupboard style for you.

What to look for when Buying Solid Wood Wall Mounted Cupboards

Selecting the right wall mounted cupboard for the right purpose is the first problem to solve.

You will need to measure the size of the space where you want to display them and choose the correct style and size of wall cupboard: black and white shelves are available in double or triple depth; vertical and horizontal designs; and there are also wall mounted cupboards with more patterns and colors.

The amount and type of which you need will determine the type and style of support you require. There are also metal wall cupboards suitable for heavy or awkward items, but you’ll be smart to buy a solid wood cupboard that can support your collection.

When you settle on a modern porcelain wall hung cheeses compartment, you’ll want something ready to go, like one of our modular units. The modular design easily transforms into different spaces from trophy cupboards, linen cupboards, or built in units.

They are also great for alcoves, hall racks, or as an office desk space. If you are putting a kitchen wall mounted cupboard, make sure you have the space to fully incorporate it with your kitchen too.

How to Choose the Best Cupboard for Your Office

The style of the wood, the colour and amperage of the timber and the design of the shelving will all impact on the appearance and quality of the products. Whether on your walls or floor boards, there are various types of wood used in making wall mounted cupboards, the most popular being pine, oak and mahogany.

Solid wooden furniture for the home is durable, long-lasting and assured of a high-class appearance. The best cabinetry available gives a warm, polished look to a room and will not need replacing for many years to come.

They are ready-made and made to measure, also allowing you to add a number of finishing touches to your individual cupboard. We have a large selection of types of wall mounted cupboards including DIY cupboards, easy to construct cupboards, wall hung cupboards for all sorts of spaces.

Ours is an extensive and diverse range of wall mounted cupboards, that can be customized to your requirements. Please see the before and after photographs of a customer’s home, offering proof of the difference one of our cupboards can make.

Vertical wall cupboards come in a variety of styles, materials and finishes to suit the style of your interior.

Vertical cupboards are available in a wide range of designs and sizes, so it’s best to determine what you want to display before you start shopping. Vertical cupboards are available in solid wood, laminate and glass, and they come in a variety of finishes, from painted and varnished to bright colors, to natural timber and metal.

To help you Narrow your Choices

White is popular amongst homeowners because of its ability to create a pleasing contrast with the other furnishings in a room. It is also a nice muted finish.

Planks and ripped edges create a fine-grained finish with a more rustic feel

Finish options available within the white ranges from a standard white wash to a dull, creamy and unpainted look

When Making your Selection, consider these Factors for your Cupboards

Fit in seamlessly with your decor

Keep the appearance of your wall cupboards clean. Again, white will help prevent dirt

Use the highest quality materials for your wall cupboards. Avoid putting up old, worn cupboards or those with chipped or damaged edges. You don’t want dust and dirt lifting the wall mounted cupboard back

We have cupboard inserts from which can be viewed the opposite side. If you are considering display shelves to be added to your wall mounted cupboards, you will need to measure up and compare the sizes of the available inserts.

We can custom make cupboards to cater for the spare space you need. If we know the measurements of the cupboard you need, we can advise on the sizes.

When picking out a wall mounted cupboard your aim should be to create a focal point whilst making your cupboards blend in. It is essential that your cupoard is a stylish addition.

Decorative metal cupboard doors can be matched to the color scheme of your room and have a match cut glass window, which can be moved from a clear view to a satin cup on glass with black or white cord hangers.

You will be remiss if you do not choose a cupboard that suits your own individual style and desire to produce a result that is aesthetically pleasing.

Customers must be able to view the cupboards they have chosen. Quality and design are vital elements to your chosen cupboard, with good quality materials being essential. Make sure that your cupboard cupboards and shelves are stable and well-constructed. Reinforcing your cupboard with jute lining can keep the cupboards sturdy whilst being a more environmentally sound material.

Fully load-tested cupboards and cupboards with reinforced jute side lining are more stable and if you hang heavy items from your metal hangers, you can be certain of a less dusty environment.

Customers who are keen to display their cherished items by the side of a cupboard can opt for wall mounted cupboards with two shelves, so they have more items and more room to display or store their items.

Have a look at the different finishes and styles of our wall mounted cupboards.

We have a large range of different styles, a few of which are as follows;

Whilst we have a wide variety of different styles, designs and colours available, it is best if you select from those that suit the space you are filling.

You can select various combinations of wood, glass and wood/glass combinations to find the best solution. Using glass creates the opportunity for the wall cupboard to stand out.

Customize your cupboard if you will. You have the power to give your home area a fresh new look by doing so. Make sure you do so.

You can expand and add new cupboards using brackets – it’s a great way to add speciality cupboards without additional cost or effort. We can make it really easy for you.

Cupboards are Suitable for

– empty wall spaces, or

– areas plagued with dust.

They can add a fantastic decoration to any room, creating an instant enhancement as they draw the eye in and into to the focal point of your room. Look into your design options and determine how you can use the space to your advantage, then you can move on to our available styling options.

You can have the appearance of a continuation of your wall. You can have it hang off the wall or lean on it – whichever you prefer.

A wall mounted cupboard will not only add class to your home, but it will also improve the quality of the room. It will provide you with the greatest possible storage space. Do not be afraid to create a statement with one of our unique designs.

Wall mounted cupboards can be mounted and placed anywhere along the wall, so there is a possibility of the cupboards hanging at the side of your wall, and at the top or bottom of your wall.

Locating a wall cupboard can be fairly quite difficult. You could be lucky and spot it before it is too late. They can be very challenging to spot and locate, because they are not always visible.

If you have decided to put a cupboard, you need to keep these things in mind:

The Stacking height of your cabinet.

The size your cabinet is.

The layout of your cupboard.

The size of the cupboard you need.

Have cupboard inserts to suit your cupboards.

Have dimensions of your cupboard to know the measurements of the cupboard.

Measurements of the room.

The style which will work for your space.

Do you know that there are also wall cupboards which can be flipped to can be used as a shelf, maximizing the space?

The possibilities with wall cupboards can what seem like a never ending list of possibilities. We have designed and constructed a great range of cupboards which can be used for any number of uses, so no matter what you plan to use your cupboard for, we will be able to accommodate and help you with the choice.

There are many fun and exciting options. If you are looking for home storage furniture, we can help you get the right cupboards to ensure your cupboard will be functional, and attractive at the same time.

We have so many different styles and finishes, to suit any interior, so no matter what your layout, we have the right solution for you.

Consider the materials used in the construction of the cupboard

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing cupboards are the materials used on the construction. The most common materials used are wood and glass.

Wooden Cupboard

Wooden cupboards are usually made with a single piece, where the drawer is fixed into the cupboard. The style of wooden cupboards varies based on where they are fixed in the interior. They can be simply assembled using screws in each corner.

The wooden cupboards are also mounted on a wall or screwed into the walls, depending on the size of the cupboard area they will fit.

Made in a single piece.

Wooden cupboards are often fixed into the wall.

Wooden cupboards are made of a single piece.

Hinged Doors

Hinge doors are the most common type of door used on wooden cupboards. They are placed at the front of the cupboard opening, letting you slide the doors open or closed as required.

Can’t be Just Stacked up

They wouldn’t be useful if they couldn’t be stacked up. They require special wall mounting brackets to be screwed in to your wall structure.

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