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Keeping your desk organized can be extremely challenging after working for several hours every single day. One popular desk accessory that you might want to search for is a high quality desk storage tray.

Well, that’s an easy question to answer. The answer to the question is “yes”.

Getting Storage Trays for your office desk helps unclutter your office desktop. A good deal of the items that are in your office are useless and yet here they sit. A brisk industry has emerged in the USA to offer the best storage trays, keeping your desk organized.

Best Office Storage Trays

Paper Organizer Bins, Plastic Turn in Tray

Paper Organizer Bins, Plastic Turn in Tray

Welaxy Office desk organizers tray

Office Document Organizer Tray

Samstar Letter Tray

Officemate OIC Achieva Side Load Letter Tray

Officemate OIC Achieva Side Load Letter Tray

There are a lot of different ways to use the desk storage trays. One of the main approaches is to organize your office desktop, office furniture, office appliances, office supplies, office documents and office software.

In short, you have to have a dependable variety of office storage trays to organize your office desktop.

Office desk policy holders are superb storage trays. They hold a lot of stuff. Get ready for some of the extremely cool and exciting ideas that you can do with this type of desktop stuff holder.

Protecting fragile computer equipment is never difficult. The desk stuff holders are useful for doing so.

Ties are hold very well. It’s ideal for tying your computer printer and other fragile items. There is nothing worse than working on your computer and your printer flies off the shelves.

If you want to keep your paper stack together, then a paper sleeve is another great kit. This is a sturdy and sensible way to keep your desk organized. You can also store your pens, pencils and other drafting items if it fits.

There is a lot of things you can do with all these storage trays. Keep your office organized with the help of these useful 10 ideas in 20 minutes.

How many different Storage Trays do you have?

You could have as few as 3 or as many as 60 but most people have between 15-30, with a requirement for some on each workbench.

Trays come in different shapes and sizes, with some much bulkier than others and some flat and round and others with raised surfaces that are perfect for moulding.

Think about the requirements for each user to get the best value of the tray. If users don’t fit their requirements in any of the product lines of the products that you supply, then you need to do some work to meet what the user will need.

How Storage Trays are useful in Office?

Office storage trays are used in every day livings. These are used at stores, restaurants, hospitals, senior’s homes and home offices. Office products like staplers, scissors, tape, rulers, notebooks may be kept on the storage trays as they are easy to find when needed.

For example, a tray that features a drawer may be perfect for keeping your note pads, a tray with an angled top is good for storing big desktop items like computers, flat top trays keep your colored pencils and colored markers together, and a full size tray can be perfect for your coffee.

They are a great way to organize your tables and work areas. They are a nice way to keep your files or those odd items you need to find quickly, such as business cards, money or your electronic calendars.

Expanding desk cabinet doors are ideal for keeping your oiled chalkboard, envelope, pens, scissors, highlighters, markers and even CDs and DVDs. The advantages of using these are the ability to place just a single tray on a table top so that you can access your things quickly without messing up the surfaces of your table and that they are usually lightweight and easily stored when not in use.

The best thing about a storage tray is that it helps keep your desk and desk core tidy. With a storage tray, you can store all of those office things that you have trouble finding at the same time you can also keep them secure.

Go through our list of desk storage trays to see what is available to store your office equipment and office supplies.

Also, check out our other products that makes a lot of sense for your office.

Points to Consider when Buying Office Storage Trays

1 Look at the different materials that your storage trays are made of. When products are made of lightweight foam, this may not be very durable. Therefore, you need to consider that when you have paid for the storage trays and then are not able to access them fully, then you will be disappointed. Make sure you get some storage trays that will be durable and stay by you.

2 Check to see if the tray has wheels on it. This will be really beneficial for moving your desk desktop around and can be really beneficial for moving your desk desktop around. However, you would be more likely to find out what these trays are to suit your needs if you look at the quality of the wheels first. You may end up with a storage tray that has wheels on it that are not very smooth, making it difficult to move.

3 Do you wish that your storage tray will be spacious enough to accommodate those extra things you keep at your desk, or are you only looking at something for your laptop? If you are only looking for something that keeps your laptop safe and protected on your desk, then you will have to look at something that will hold a smaller item that you can put in between the laptop screen and the desk surface.

4 Try to see how much room you have on your desk if you wish that you will be able to fit some things on the storage trays. You also need to consider that if you have a computer that a will suffice in allowing for reasonable flexibility. You don’t want to buy something that you literally cannot fit over your computer.

5 Think about how many people you will want to store things for your office desk. If you need to store as many offices for as many down to half. If you are going to have one or two and you may only need to store some of the office products together. If you have a narrow work table, then you may want to be an arm’s length away from your desk.

6 Is your work table to narrow? Some people need to have a table that will be narrow so that they can fit as much of their office stuff on them as they possibly can. In this case look at the dimension of the drawers because they are generally narrower than the rest of the trays.

7 Do you want to keep your options open, or are you looking for something that works exactly as you need it to? You may find that you don’t need wheels as they can be a hindrance to you having to move the tray around.

8 How much do you want to spend on the storage trays? The price range of some of the products is very high, which will only be worthwhile if you use them a lot. On the other hand, you may find that a tray that is made of a lightweight material is still durable and useful.

9 Does it have the things you need? Don’t buy something if you don’t know what it is. You need to ask yourself what exactly you are looking for. Does it have wheels? Do you need to store something that will fit on the tray?

10 How will you use the storage trays? Will you need to store them on all of your desk surfaces, or will you store them on only a limited number of surfaces? You may find that you only need to store some items on your desk. Everything would be fine if you don’t have a lot of items to put in your office.

Advantages of Office Storage Trays

1 You get an organized table with an organized desk

2 You can store items that are not always found

3 They help to keep your desk clean

4 They make it easy to get stuff from one side of the desk to the other without ruining the desk surface

5 They can be used to organize your valuables

6 They are lightweight and easy to store

7 They are usually affordable

Ways to Dispose them off

1 If they are not good enough, you can still use them as they are; however, they won’t last for as long as a proper storage tray

2 You could give them away to your office mates

3 You may need to get rid of them due to their poor quality

4 It may be simpler to just go and buy yourself a new one

Selected Items from Office Storage Trays

Enhance Flip Office Storage Tray

Enhance Flip is a durable filing cabinet, ideal for all of your office supplies. The office storage tray comes with plastic material and magnetic metal plates for secure storage of your office supplies. The drawer has a lid, covering the file drawer and preventing items from falling in when opening the drawer. The included magnetic metal plates will ensure that your storage trays are secure and safe. The storage bins should be resistant to spills and water.

Foldable Design File Table and Station

This foldable design file table and station is a lightweight and portable flexible office storage tray. The tray comes with a 30-lumen LED light that will allow you to work in a dark office. The foldable design file table and station is highly adjustable to suit your desk and storage needs. The tray works with your existing office supplies and computers by featuring a screwdriver slot and USB port/power supply jack.

IPU 1/4″ [mm] Folding Weighted Storage Tray

IPU are manufactured using a metal body that is made from different vital materials for long lasting productivity. It is lightweight and ultra portable, even with the weights distributed evenly. IPU are lightweight, stable, and durable in your office setup. It has many great features that include high durability, safety, and adjustability. It will hold a lot of stuff for you with adjustable locking system.

4 Sided Storage Organizer

This 4 sided storage organizer is a modern essential for any modern office setup. The office storage organizer will optimize your clutter reduction by providing a wide range of storage for your office supplies. The modern design will perfectly fit into any modern office setup and will work in enhancing your office.

Miracle Organizer

Miracle Organizer is an affordable strip-type magnetic desktop office storage organizer. It has strong magnets that can stick magnetically to metal surfaces to keep your items organized. The organizer has a lightweight design and is a portable folding alternative for your office setup.

File Your Space Toward A Clean New Look

Feeling overwhelmed by the storage problem at your office desk? Maintain organization and print problem-solving tips at your workers and guest desk by placing the red to-do list and the white sticky notes. It’s a great way to help anyone keep track of what they need to do today and what they need to do it for tomorrow in the morning.

Organize all your office supplies with this handy green wheel storage bin. The Smart Storage Bin is ideal for filing your office documents or paperwork for filing. The cart-shaped design is lightweight and extremely portable.

Herringbone Steel Wire Trays [Kind Of Office Storage Cabinet]

Having struggled with office supplies storage for quite some time, I decided to look into different options. I came across a lot of different storage cabinets for different purposes, but they all seemed to be the same. I was pretty happy with the Herringbone Steel Wire Trays that appeared on the internet. I liked the idea of a combination of metal and wood, because real wood is be too heavy for me to manage. Steel wire is also lightweight and can be easily folded into place in the bottom of the cabinet.

The first thing I needed was their website address, so I did a search on Google. I got several different websites, but the one I liked the most was Herringbone Steel Wire Trays. I was very happy to find out that they offered free shipping to Canada and wanted to buy it without any hesitation. I looked around their site and the shipping was $15. That is a little expensive, but I guess it’s worth it for me.

I will continue to look for new solutions for organization for my workspace at home, but I will first order another one of theirs and it will make another little getaway in my office. I tend to lose things easily. I am a very organized person at home, but this little tray makes a lot of sense to me. I should be on it.

Innovative Design – Vertical Draw Card Storage Cooler

This Innovative Design Vertical Draw Card Storage Cooler is lightweight and portable drawers. The Draw Card Storage Cooler is a mini vertical draw card rack with 6 durable drawers. The drawer compass is easy for storage and has a durable slide and lock system for secure storage. The draw card storage cooler has an integrated anti-tip safety mechanism and is available in four colors to fit your needs.

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