Guide To Getting The Best Office Storage For Small Spaces

4 years ago

Not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated home office space, so finding a way to accommodate a desk into an already full office, can become a challenge.

We’ve all done it- moved furniture around like crazy trying to find some place to get some work done.

The great news is there’s a way to make your office a little funky without investing in (and subsequently breaking) the bank.

In this article, we’ll share with you some of our favorite storage solutions for small offices and show you just how you can transform your space using some clever strategies.

Best Office Storage For Small Spaces

VASAGLE LOWELL Storage Cabinet

Winsome Halifax Storage

HODEDAH IMPORT 3-Shelf Bookcase Cabinet

FITUEYES Wood Printer Stands with Storage

FITUEYES Wood Printer Stands with Storage

ClosetMaid 8988 Stackable 1-Door Organizer

ClosetMaid 8988 Stackable 1-Door Organizer

Types of Best Office Storage For Small Spaces

Desk Caddy Storage

Clocks and pens usually end up under our desks and on the desks of our respective workspace neighbors. Thus, we tend to pile up a whole bunch of pieces of our own things on top of their stuff.

Rather than accumulate more clutter, why not utilize the space in our own office to keep it organized?

Enter the desk caddy storage, which is a small plastic container that loops around the corner of a desk.

The purpose of this is to hold the clutter away from the desk and make it super easy to find everything.

Look for one with compartments of different sizes to keep things from getting out of control.

Many desk caddies come with a cool lid that goes over the container. This keeps your pens, scissors and other small items from rolling off and getting lost.

Desk Tree Storage

While having a specific location for each one of your desk things helps keep your workspace organized, it can also create needless clutter elsewhere in the room.

By placing something on top of your desk you can easily access it with just a quick peek.

If you’re collecting a ton of extra space-sucking knickknacks, then you should consider a desk tree. They have plenty of compartments and drawers to store all of your stuff without taking up too much space.

This is especially useful if you have a full desk because you don’t want to have to dig through a bunch of drawers and cabinets in order to find something.

Book Shelf

Did you know that the average American spends 90 minutes each day in their office? The most common scenario that we usually all have is one small space where everything is scattered around everywhere- whether that be crawling around our desk, organizing cords or books.

Our clutter is a major pain point in our office design. If we had a dedicated space where all our small things were placed to make them easy to utilize, we’d all be much happier.

If you are in need of a storage solution that can help you organize, bookshelfs are perfect!

Most bookcases will fit on top of your desk- making them an accessible solution.

However, since everything is in a confined space these things can stack up quickly and it’s impossible to search through every single book to find one of the many you’re expecting to read that night.

To solve this problem, let us introduce you to the storage shelf. Just hook it to the top of your desk and you’ll have plenty of space for reading books or looking at interesting articles.

You can also purchase hooks in your favorite color to easily hang up your scarves around your office (because you’ll be cold outside, even in the summer).

Storage Cubes

Maintain your desk space and keep things organized using storage cubes. If you are in need of organizing your office supplies, this is the ideal solution.

A storage cube is a cubicle that fits on top of a desk. You just simply place all your supplies in the cube and pull out what you need. The cube is on wheels, so it moves where ever needs to go.

This article utilizes this idea. You can use the container to store your pencils, and also it has other compartments where you can place other office items. The top compartments are extra-deep and can be used for storing your pens, pencils, sticky notes, etc.

A very simple solution to organize your office.

Cost-wise, these things are quite affordable and as they are easy to customize you can place any type of things you need.


Bins act as containers for your office supplies. A bin is great for those people who have multiple cleaning products and always forget to put away. Just place all the cleaning products in your bins and they are stored neatly in stacks in the bin itself.

Drawer Storage

If you’re looking for a bottomless pit in your office, then you’ll want a hefty piece of furniture that can cradle a desk drawer.

It’s important that the drawer doesn’t get in the way of you reaching what’s on your desk. Look for one with a leaning mechanism and gentle mechanism so your back doesn’t get injured.

How to buy Office Storage for Small Spaces?

It’s not always easy to find the best Office Storage for Small Spaces. Sometimes, it is hard deciding which type of storage to choose. There are so many different storage items to consider whenever we are looking for something in this category. Here is an overview that will help.


The first consideration is the size of the item. For example, some items you can carry away any time and others you will need to return. If you are in need of office storage which is on the smaller size, then you need to check the pros and cons before making the final decision on the product. You should consider the height, dimension, and load capacity to make the decision easier.


Finally, you should decide on the price. It shouldn’t be much of a problem to find something that fits your need and at the same time keeps your budget in mind.


Last, but not the least, comes convenience. Whether you need a storage unit that is on wheels, or one for a desk, make sure that it will facilitate your work and use within the limits.

Studying the pros and cons of each one of these items will help you come to a decision easily. Look into their dimensions, load limits, type of installation, and the number of other accessories. take a look at the material from which it is made. The material with its durability and toughness is the best option to consider. Finally, read customer comments and testimonials to see if other people used it before.

The office is not just a place where we work during our day to day lives, but it is also an area where we are able to get our works done in the most organized way. With the best office storage, it is possible to store our office materials in the most efficient way to make them accessible and easy to use. Choosing the most efficient and sturdiest storage solution is all about working around your office space. The existing furniture can be utilized to store the extra stuff when not in use. If you have a small home office, you’ll probably end up using the most of your available space. However, the best office storage can get you more work done and keep things organized.

A clean office is a happy office and with these ideas, you’ll be able to maintain the cleanliness in your cleverly designed space.

 Price Range of Office Storage For Small Spaces

As the price range varies among office storage, professionals make sure that the office storage are within the budget of the consumers who are looking to buy one. As a general guideline, it is known to have a budget which the office owner has to adhere to when purchasing the office storage for the office. Nevertheless, it depends on the type and size of office storage you might need. You can also consider these office storage for small spaces in order to stay organized and clutter free your office space.

Pros and Cons of Office Storage

Regarding the pros and cons of office storage for small spaces, there are some common things to consider when planning and purchasing one. Some of the people might have problems in deciding what is the best way to organize the office. The office storage are designed in various ways so that the office equipment is organized. The size and the dimensions of the office space will help you to decide which office storage you will need to buy. Though there is a default size and shape of the office storage but still you can utilize it to store your office papers, documents, and other things.

Some of the commonly used styles of office storage include metal cabinet, cubicles, cloth file cabinets, and book shelves. The size of the office might be very huge and you can never have the bags filled with all the office papers and these are some of the good ways to store all your office related stuffs. There are many office storage that are available in different sizes and styles to be customized for the clients. It is also known to be one of the easiest ways to store and organize the office stuffs. These storage units are known to be made for different objects such as clothes, papers, knick knacks, and other stuffs. They can be utilized to customize the space of your office. There are a number of good reasons to utilize these office storage that would help you in making the office space into a well-organized one.

There is an unending variety of storage lockers and organizers which are available on the market today so that users can choose the best storage units that can make the work easier. Following are some of the common and useful features of these office storage units. These storage lockers are ideal and beneficial if you have the large storage areas to accommodate all the office stuffs. It is nothing better than using one of the best quality office storage organizer that makes the storage area perfect for all the books, papers, files, and other office stuffs. They may be out of the room and look very small but they are a big help. You can put the all the office related materials in different sizes and can arrange them in an organized manner. You can also strategize your office space with the best type of storage that is of high quality and can last for a long period. This is a very good way to have a better atmosphere ambiance in your office.

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