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The best office floor lamp can offer a strong natural ambiance to light up an entire living room, a bright light for the home office, or a soft amber glow to set the mood in your bedroom.

Office floor lamps are so versatile: they can fit easily in any corner of the room, modestly behind a sofa or proudly in the middle of a foyer. They are easy to mount and adjust to provide a perfect light source – just plug in and insert the light bulb!

Best Office Floor Lamps

Redmond Floor Lamp

Candle-Style Floor Lamp

floor lamp

Tree Floor Lamp

addlon LED Floor Lamp

Whether you are looking for an attractive floor lamp with style and functionality, a perfectly functional modern office lamp or a source of security and illumination for a child’s room, there are many options to choose from.

Place the Right Lamp for the Right Purpose

The right lamp can add a significant amount of beauty to a room. To ensure you choose the best lamp for your specific purpose, consider the room layout.

When choosing a office floor lamp, insight can help you in your decision, even if you only have a small room to light. If your living room is narrow and only offers one free corner, an over-sized lamp standing at the center could overpower the space with its powerful light. This could make it difficult to work on the computer, read a book, read the new newspaper or watch a DVD.

When deciding on a long table or desk, consider the electrical power requirements for the office floor lamps, as this can affect it’s design. For example, a small desk lamp will need energy saving bulbs, whereas a floor lamp dependent on a powerbase or extension cord may not be suitable.

One important consideration before making a purchase is the quality of the materials used in a particular light’s construction.

Consider The Materials Used in the Construction of the Office Floor Lamps

The lamp base of base of the office floor lamps should be made of a heavy, durable material, such as solid wood, metal or sturdy plastic (not flimsy, thin or cheap profiles).

The lamp shade should be made of a similar dense material. The material used to construct the shade should be strong enough to withstand daily use for years to come. If you have children and pets, the shade material may particularly need to withstand harsh and rugged treatment – not something made of flimsy petals.

Office floor lamps itself should be made of a heavy and durable and cool fade resistant glass to last a lifetime.

Lamps come in many shapes and sizes, most commonly a modern square or rectangle, tall and thin, or a broad base adjustment.

Factor to Consider 

Design : A study of recently released lamp designs will help you find a floor lamp that will complement your room style. Design, this includes the size of the lamp, color, style, shape, size and anything that turns the office floor lamp into a focal point. Look for a lamp with an ornate design, such as an elbow, as this will not only add a polished touch of style and style but will also provide the perfect spot for the most important lighting.

Light Quality : A floor lamp doesn’t need to be a powerful light. One of the most important elements of your lighting is the level and quality of light it provides – so consider the type of light it is emitting. Remember, you’re paying for quality and you want the lamp to provide the best possible light.

Size & Weight : Office floor lamps with a heavier and large base are more likely to provide better light, however, this can be a bit too large and heavy. Consider personal comfort when deciding on the size and weight of your floor lamp. It may not be the right choice if you are on the move throughout the night delivering post or patrolling the house with young children. In most cases, the smaller short office floor lamps tend to be the most user-friendly to use in general, with low light quality.

Wattage : Look for a light-weight bulb that provides a high light quality. If you have to move the light, an LED light is perfect because you will never burn yourself or damage the surrounding furniture.

Lamp Points : Always remember you will be using the office floor lamp for many years after choosing it. High quality office floor lamps provides more light at thousands of light points rather than criss crossed from different angles. The best lighting is all around us, with lamps providing an indirect yet strong beam of light, providing a comfortable lighting and enhancing the visual appeal.

How to Locate Office Floor Lamps Buying Places

Office floor lamps are the most important lighting components often overlooked by homeowners and design-conscious professionals alike. A study to the market says that Asia is currently the biggest business for floor lamps in the world.

Advantages of Office Floor Lamps

1 Office floor lamps are brighter than wall mounted lights because of their free supported legs and may be easy to place them at different angles. A floor lamp’s head can also be adjusted to provide different light levels

2 A floor lamp’s lower profile than a wall mounted light means it will fit in the smallest floor-to-ceiling-to-wall openings. Lamps can sit on a low table or end table in the kitchen leading to the dining room allowing for more open and free space

3 Lamps provide a level of illumination which is even and consistent free from glare or shadows

4 Office floor lamps require no or very little maintenance and add a contemporary look to any room.

5 Office floor lamps are a form of instant natural light that requires no electricity.

6 Office floor lamps are a great choice for those who have toddlers as they provide the perfect source of light for children’s activities and are not likely to cause fire.

7 Office floor lamps are designed to last a long time and are not only practical they can be very stylish and cost-effective to buy.

Disadvantages of Office Floor Lamps

1 There are many different styles of lamps out there and color choices are not necessarily common; this can make it difficult to match to existing room furniture; however, it is possible to order online that match existing color schemes

2 Foot lamps require another lamp to elevate the light upwards; this causes an unnatural shadow if positioned at the ends of the room so in most cases these are only a temporary choice

3 Office floor lamps appear to be quite fragile and will break easily if dropped or knocked over. Containing lighting to prevent damage to furniture can be costly

4 Batteries may not last very long and will need frequent replacement; this can be expensive.

5 Some office floor lamps have short cords – it is important to avoid lamps that require a lengthy power supply or can be knocked over.

6 Office floor lamps are a good choice for those who do not like to remove lamps when they work from their desk or are on the move; however, if the lamp is lower than the desk then it will be hard to work effectively.

7 Office floor lamps can only be used in small, narrow spaces or when the outlet is extremely close to the desired location so are often not the best choice for those who do not have easy access to a lamp

How to Locate Office Floor Lamps Buying Places

Watch out for office lamps which are not suitable for indoor use as they are very durable, cool and stylish these lamps are great for use in small outdoor spaces like patios, balconies and veranda.

Lamps that are etched with frosted glass are very lighting and do not have the glare of clear glass. These lamps are quite delicate and should be taken really care of.

An artisan-crafted lamp may not look as aesthetically-pleasing as a chrome fixture but because it makes no noise it’s a much better choice if you’re a light sleeper.

The excellent lighting quality provided by office floor lamps is very critical to study

 Know The Lighting from Your Floor Lamp

Floor lamps with down lighting provide a soft amber light perfect for reading or working at the computer. The overhead lamp with a bracket provides bright accent lighting option.

Choose An Office Lamp One that Fits Your Room

When you have settled on a room floor lamp, think about the lamp’s podium, as this can affect the way light falls on the room and a wrong choice may spoil the entire look of the room.

Consult an expert and compare the 3-D floor lamps to see at which height you should position the lamp to obtain good light distribution and obtain the best results.

The Light Source

Check the bulb and its wattage. The compact halogen office floor lamp can provide as much as 500-Watt of light if your draws are not too small.

3-D floor lamps are very suitable if you have a small room and you want good lighting. If you have a large floor area and you need a good light, pick a floor lamp with a large head.

You can use an LED bulb. An LED is very energy that can work every day without needing an electricity supply.

 Consider Proportions and Fabric

Check the dimensions of the office floor lamp. When the size of the lamp is small it is very good if it is also short, if not, choose a broader lamp.

This will help you to boost the light and air circulation.

Accessories and Color Options

Check if there are already a lot of bright colors. Bright colors will surely have a positive impact on the ambience of a room.

Clean. Glare, often causes headaches.

Also notice whether there is a office floor lamp rail or not. A lamp rail prevents the rail from being turned by the light and will bend the lamp.

The Power Source

Efficient halogen lamps are very energy efficient and require a calm, steady power supply.

Look for an energy saving office floor lamp with a low wattage.

Be sure the lamp can be easily replaced without causing any real damage. If the bulb is too big, it may even fall.

Lights that can be easily adjusted will be highly desired. Always remember never to use a 220 volt table lamp as this may cause health problems including skin burns.

If you have a child, avoid an art office floor lamp that may present a danger if there is a chance that it can fall.

The Cord

If it is a proper office floor lamp, it should be at least 2 meters long.

If the distance is too long, you may not get great lighting. where the lamp is installed, the cord can impede the movement of the light.

If the power source can be wall-mounted, think about where to place the lamp.

It’s not the most effective placement if the lamp is on the same wall as the desk, counter or bed. Moreover, the office floor lamp may even be turned on at night to keep bad people away.

Lighting Position

If the lamp has a flexible cord, you can set it to follow any angle. However, the office floor lamp with a static power cable has a fixed head so you can only install it on a very small angle.

The lighting should be placed in the corners of the room with a slight fall, eg. at the ends of the room and not overall.

The Number of LEDs

An LED has a very low power consumption. An office floor lamp with LED technology provides up to 40% energy savings and can work for over 10,000 hours. In addition, LED bulbs do not produce heat or UV light and can be dimmed to suit any type of office space.

 Maintenance Free

A wide variety of lamps can work without many problems; however, you have to be careful not to knock over the working lamp or tilt it.

The power cable will not be damaged if it is fixed, just keep the lamp in a good position with the power cord remaining away from the floor.

Also, a good office floor lamp will not present a safety hazard in case of a fire as it does not have any hot elements.

Office Floor Lamp for Business

When it comes to finding a suitable office floor lamp, the office floor lamp should be a good choice.

Office floor lamps are wonderful lamps for use in small rooms and small offices.

Use a floor lamp so that you can read and work simultaneously.

There are many different styles of lamps out there and color choices are not necessarily common; this can make it difficult to match to existing room furniture; however, it is possible to order online that match existing color schemes

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