Guide To Getting The Best Office Chairs With Massage And Heat

4 years ago

Getting a massage after a long and tiring day at work can be very relaxing. But it’s difficult to take out time to go to a massage parlor after work. The benefits of heat and massage therapy are well documented, and its impact on back pain, blood circulation, and stress relief, can’t be stressed enough.

This guide will you with the best office chairs with massage and heat. It will take you through some of the best models available. Not to mention, there is also a buying guide for both sitting and home office chairs with heat. This will save you a lot of money.

Best Office Chairs With Massage And Heat

Office Computer Desk Massage Chair Executive Ergonomic Heated

Office Computer Desk Massage Chair Executive Ergonomic Heated

Vibrating-Back-Massager with Heat

Neck & Back Massager with Heat

Relaxzen 5-Motor Massage Seat Cushion with Heat

Relaxzen 5-Motor Massage Seat Cushion with Heat

Heated Executive Massage Office Chair

Best Office Chair with Massage and Heat?

Best Office Head

The first chair in our list is the BestOfficeHead, their model features massage and heat therapy. The massage is done by heating up the seating area of the chair. This is done with a switch that turns the heating unit a low fire for about 5 minutes. Next, the chair is switched back to high heat. This is done to lower pain and provide warmth for the muscles. This is done by a knob at the back of the chair, with 8 different settings, to do the job.

You can feel the heat seeping through your back but this can be a little uncomfortable. So only use this chair for 5 minutes after a long day of work. It works best if you let the chair heat up for 5 minutes, then slightly warm for a minute, and then switch it back to high heat to heat the seated area.

Some thought was put into the design of the Massage and Heat chair. There’s a review of this chair on bestofficeh and Decadem. It’s a good review and also makes it easy to figure out if this is the chair for you. The post can be found here Best Office Chair with Massage and Heat.

Stiletto Office Furniture

The next chair is from Stiletto Office Furniture. This is a unique chair feature a cushion that is heated up to provide you with a massage effect. The best thing about this chair is not only does it provide heat but it also delivers some of the best massages compared to almost all the other chairs. You can check out their site to find where they are selling these chairs.

Stiletto has done this by using a unique heating system that uses a heating pad. A pad is at the lower back area of the chair and it uses crystals of quartz, which produce heat. The crystals are placed underneath the seat of the chair and a heating pad is used.

It seems to me that they’ve taken a sound idea and put it into a chair that is very pleasing to look at. The chair looks great and gives you strong back support.

An interesting benefit of purchasing this chair is that the heating pad can also be used to treat a range of medical conditions with heating oils and I believe it can relieve the symptoms of arthritis, because it’ll improve the blood circulation and increase relaxation.

This chair is priced very low and would make the perfect gift for the office. It’s a great chair to use at home or work and really does give you a massage.

One of the things I noticed is that if you put this chair in the corner of your room, it creates heat very fast. So if you keep it away from thermal windows, it will provide some heat and you may be able to use it in the evening when you need it as you are getting ready for bed.

Advantages of Office Chair Massage and Heat?

Everyday Comfort

If you already have a chair that is comfortable but you want to be able to add some heat to it, this will do that very quickly as it is inbuilt into the seating. Not only does it provide comfort the heating pad will also heat you up. This will help you relax immediately after a hard day.

Instant Stress Relief

Whenever you fall and hurt yourself at work, this is a great option if you can do this near your desk. If you are by a window, just as you are complaining about your back hurting, you will have a relaxing massage at the same time. It is quick and simple to do.

Save Money

You can save a lot of money on massages and massaging Parlors. If you buy this sitting chair that has heat, you won’t need to go to a Massage Therapy Parlor because you will suffer much less back pain. This chair will really make a difference to your back problems. Another advantage of this chair is that it will also ease your neck pain by warming up the areas of the back that are affected by it.

You will enjoy the Massage

The massage is very soothing. It is a gel filled pad that is inserted under the chair back. The heating pad is attached to the seat of the chair and the massage pad is secured in place. You can choose to have a very light or heavy massage when the chair heats up.

This really gives a relaxing massage that will make you feel comfortable. It’s a great way to unwind after a hard day at work or a hard day when you’re reading at home. It will relax you from the back down to the neck. The heat is seeping through the cushion. You can feel the heat and it will make you feel good.

It has a very strong massage effect. Putting the heat on, it was obvious it was warming up the area, I tried the massage with very little effect. I tried turning the heat up and I could feel it warming up but it didn’t really make a difference. It was very minimal.

It remains that this is a very good chair but in terms of the function, I don’t think it really makes a difference to how it affects you. In fairness to the company, the heating pad is well made but it does feel very flimsy and I don’t think will last over a number of months.

Another issue is that the heat intensity can be very different from chair to chair. Some are very hard to control while others are very easy to switch on or off.

Features to Look for in Office Chairs With Massage And Heat?

If you are putting money into a type of chair that will give you greater back and neck support, you should research to check to see if it has the appropriate features to support your body. It can be worth your while to have a look at the following list to see if it’s a chair that will provide the results you are looking for.

Heat Setting

Make sure the chair that you purchase has the right heat setting. Look for a chair with a heating function that covers a wide range of heat settings. This will allow the chair to be more suitable for different people and ensure the effects of the massage are the best possible.

Back Support

Make sure the chair has a back support. Try and find a chair that supports your back in a natural and comfortable way. Research to see if the twist system or the bars that stabilize the body of the chair will work for you.

Choose the right size

The right size of chair is vital if it is to be effective in warming up the back areas of your body. You may want to get a larger chair if you are someone who likes to sit back in a chair. A small chair will be more suited for people who like to sit hunched back in the chair.

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic Chairs are having a lot of choices in chairs. This type of chair will give you the right support to the body. The counter balance and the movement of the legs will ensure a comfortable back. The chair would be able to provide the most beneficial effects even through the massage.

It will also have the features that are necessary to maintain the position in the chair. This is one of the reasons why an ergonomics chair will be the most efficient in the making of massage. All it needs is a free movement of the legs and a perfect weight balance.

The heated massage chair can warm up the area of the back. The heat would spread around your back through the cushions. A back massage will be an effective way of relieving the pain that comes with back problems. The heat can also provide your body with more energy, which will be perfect for increasing your productivity.

You must get a massage chair that has an adjustable system that will accommodate your needs. You should also get one that has the right height. I would recommend getting an adjustable chair that has a footrest. If possible, I would recommend getting one that goes up to 18 inches.


Get one that has the heating function that will blow your mind. The heat would increase the effect of the massage. My advice is to look for a chair that has a window to make sure that the heat would stay steady. This is very crucial and will help you enjoy the massage.

The heating pad does not have any buttons to make it tricky. The heating is all controlled by the thermostat. To avoid the timer from recording the heat on, it is advisable to turn it off after every 30 minutes or so. Buying a chair that already has a heating function is best.

The heating pad has a timer built in. The timer is programmed to come on for 15 minutes after it has been turned on. The intensity will decrease after it is off.

Chairs That Warm the Back As They Massage the Rest of the Body

Therapeutic massage has a great impact in alleviating pain, stress and tension. By the warmth, it relaxes the muscles and relieves stress. A good massage chair would be able to heat the area to relieve pressure on the body. It will speed up the process of healing on your back.

Office chairs should be taken seriously when it comes to massages, just like an indulgent spa massage. You must select the right chair. Office chairs that don’t have the right features to give you optimal results need to be changed. You can select the best massage chair for your use.


Did you know that the average temperature of a heated space is about 40 degrees? The vast majority of heated space spend more time heating than cooling. The air circulation in heated spaces is just 10 percent of the circulation in unheated spaces.

Under normal room temperatures, the air circulation is about 1.5 times the natural air circulation. In offices, heated air is circulated the same as the rest of the areas in the building.

When purchasing an office chair with back heating, you should receive a couple of things with the chair as listed below.

Foam Back Cushion. The cushion will help to keep the back warm while allowing the body to relax. You should have no problem as you will be spending time seated in the heat.

Extraneous Controls. When the chair comes with an extra control, look for a remote that is placed in an easy to reach area of the chair. This is very possible as the heating converter is located on the casters. The remote control can be used to shut the heater off.

Heating Settings. When purchasing an office chair with back heating, you should think about purchasing one that has the right settings. For massaging purposes, a lightweight three-season fabric is best. Air flow is controlled by the casters.

Thermostat. The thermostat should be accurate and not depend on the heat being constant. The thermostat should always work on an increase and decrease system, such as hot and cold settings.

Seat Dimensions. The seat is usually adjustable to the size of the user. The seat dimensions should be adjustable to allow for proper comfort.

Backrest. The backrest should be made of quality material. Approved materials are leather, foam and fabric. The backrest should have adjustable height and the ability to collapse to compact the space.

Holes for Leg, Foot and Ankle Supports. If the chair has these holes, you will be able to put ankle and foot supports on the legs to make sure that the chair always has the right support your body requires.

Noise. If the chair is too noisy, it should be upgraded to a louder style chair. You shouldn’t be able to hear other people while using the chair.

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