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Personalizing your work-space can make it your own. In addition to gifts, as well as plants, desk toys for the office can add some fun to your workday. They have no work-related function but are often intended to provide decoration or pleasure, boosts imagination, relieve stress, improve your creative skills and, thus making you work smartly.

Fun desk toys for the office can keep you company during those long work hours and provide some amusement to break the stress.

Best Office Desk Toys in 2021


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Office Desk Toy

Things to Consider before Purchasing Office Desk Toys

  1. Are the toys made of metal, ceramic, wood or plastic?
  2. If the toys are made of metal, do they have shiny chrome, brushed or matt surface?
  3. Does the toy seem sturdy and strong?
  4. Is the toy made to stand alone or is it attached to a hand to use it as a pencil holder or as a letter opener?
  5. Is the toy a good size or small in size?Do you need something small that you can hide at the back of your office shelf, or something big that can be used as a decoration.
  6. Where will you place the toy to provide the maximum comfort?
  7. Will you be able to keep it clean and keep it dust free? How often you are going to use the toy.

Is it a good desk toy?

Does the toy provide a creative outlet, something to occupy your mind during those long work hours? Are you going to use it to keep your work items organized?

Even if you don’t really need all kind of office desk toys, there is nothing wrong with checking them out and buying the one that catches your attention.

Office Desk Toys

An Oval-shaped Pencil Holder

An oval-shaped pencil holder is a great choice for office desk toys. The availability of different colors and designs offer all sorts of creative options. The best option is to go with something attractive, so you have something to look at when you are in the office and bored. Look at the colors that are safe to use and other designing options that make a statement and fit in your personality. A creative pencil holder can be a good addition to your office desk toys .

Pencil Holder with LED Light

You can find office desk toys that include an LED bulb that you can find in any department store. They make great gifts, and are a nice decoration in the office. They are relatively inexpensive and are available in all types of colors. They have different numbers of features to choose from. You can choose a pencil with touch light or ones that can be turned on with a push button. They have a variety of features: different themes, flashing LED light, music feature, memories, time setting, and so on. They provide you with all kinds of stimulation to keep your eyes and your mind busy.

Desk or Portable Pencil

Usually these pencils are used as a writing tool, but you can choose one that is designed to function as a office desk toys. They are available in a variety of colors. They come in different colors and designs to choose from. There are pencils that are designed with LED lights, ones that have different playing features like the classic music. They even have LED lights that function as a money bank. Desk or portable pencils are great gifts for friends and family members. They come with different features, and are a great choice for those that still prefer to write on paper in the office. With the number of different office desk toys a person can get line choice.

Office Desk Toy (Pencil Holder)

This is a great choice for all those who like to write on paper by hand. It is a simple pencil container that provides everything you might need to hand. It is small and can be used to hold the pencil. It has a clip to turn the pencil so that it establishes a good writing position. It also contains a ruler to measure tape. It is a good choice for people who like to write, but sometimes like to use a pen and pencil. The only problem that some of these pencil holders have is the fact that they are very small, so the pencils may jam into each other.

Desk Pen

These pens feature LED lights, so that they are put under a desk and used as office desk toys. The buttons can be pushed to operate the lights. This is a great functional office desk toys, it can serve as an addition to your current worksite, and is a great time pass during an otherwise boring work day. It is a great asset to have in the office.

Desk Toy – Push Buttons

These office desk toys push buttons are great desk toys. They mimic a real PC push button and will provide amusement to anyone that needs it. The color and design can be chosen as well as many different features. These are great office desk toys, but will need to be cleaned regularly and wiped clean, sometimes these desk toys have a problem with sticking to the fingers.

Desktop Computer with LCD Screen

These desktop computer office desk toys feature different designs. Some of them have LCD monitors, making it a good choice for people that like to work on projectors. They also feature a mouse, and a keyboard. Desk computer office desk toys make great gifts, and work well as decorations in the office. The only problem is maintaining the LCD screen and keeping it clean.

Tape Dispenser

These office desk toys also function as tape dispensers. They have a well-designed mechanism with a lift up button. They are a similar shape to that of a tape dispenser. They have a lift up button that once pressed will trigger the mechanism that will push the tape out of the dispenser. These will fit any size of desk easily, as they are lightweight. They also are a great option for those that like to spend time on their desk.

Desk Toy 3 in 1

This three-in-one office desk toys is a great choice for the office. It has a pencil, stylus pen and eraser, all in one piece. This is a perfect office desk toy as it has it all in one. But if you like to combine things, then this desk toy can be an absolute ideal. It is one of the best ways to keep things organized and tidy. It can be used in a number of ways. It not only can be used to write, but can also be used as a stylus.

Desk Toy Eraser

These erasers are essentially an empty pencil tube that is meant to be pushed into the back of your desk drawer. These are  simple a office desk toys as you can get. You then turn the pencil shaft to the side and there your eraser will stay, until you need more. The other great thing about this pencil eraser is that you will never get pencil dust on your desk. They do have a tendency to fall off your desk frequently, but that is why they have a slot to keep them in. The problem comes when you need to replace the eraser. You have to remove the o-ring to insert it into the tube. They are good creations, but sometimes come off.

Desk Toy Desk Bell

This is another nice office desk toys that can be found at your local office supply store. It actually is designed to be installed in the desk, and works as a office desk toy to signal interruptions (this is only usable when the desk has an interlocked door, as a simple bell does not travel far enough). It also comes with a remote, but the reverse button often does not work and so will be useless. It is, however, a good gift for someone who has an interlocked door to their desk so that they can call for assistance.

Desk Toy Paper Clip

There are several different types of paper clip office desk toys. These office desk toys are mainly used for keeping papers organized. They have a small finger clip on the end that you can slide down the paper to hold the sheet in place. They can also be used as an actual paper clip, in which case they are used to help pull the papers together.

Desk Toys Laptop Stand

You can find various types of laptop stand desks. These are a great addition to any desk for even the most stylish of offices. These laptop stands also function as a USB hub and also have a place to rest your lap top. These office desk toys will often function to hold more than just the computer. With the various features available you will be able to find what you are looking for. There are laptop stands that can function as lighted stands, music playing stands, and even photo stands.

Some of the best laptop stand office desk toys are sold at the office. These are great additions for the office, especially if the person you are buying the desk for is a laptop addict. These stand desks have an eye-catching appeal as they have funky designs and are a great conversation piece. They also come with a variety of optional features and times.

Advantages of  Getting Best Office Desk Toys

It gives an indication to the workers on their progress towards their goal. All the workers can readily identify the daily tasks on the wall in front of them.

It motivates and impresses the employees to adhere more to the assigned tasks.

It marks out the important things from the outer distractions.

It serves as notice board for other employees.

It ensures that regular changes, which is desirable at times, are implemented.

It helps in identifying new employees.

It encourages employees to improve their skills through their work.

It boosts the morale of workers.

It gives an indication of the priorities to be done.

It aids workers in complying with the time set limits.

It highlights the overall progress or targets of the organization.

It facilitates organization’s productivity.

It makes the work more effective and efficient.

It makes the work of the employees more effective.

Budget of Office Desk Toys

Best office desk toys is not much variety available in the market, except for varieties listed in this article. If you are having trouble finding something that performs in all categories, you might want to go the office supply store. Office supply stores have a much wider variety and they can find anything you need Or you might want to try out the Internet to find what you need.

To start with, any item that is purchased from an office supply store will usually be much more expensive. Furthermore, because the colors, designs and materials are usually somewhat limited, the office desk toys will not look as good to the consumers who purchased them and are left without a suitable option. This is not the same for every office desk toys, but in general that is the case.


The end of the article, you can take a look at some of the best office desk toys  that you can consider buying with these ideas in mind to help keep your workplace in order and make things more fun. Maybe you can visit At Office On A Budget to get the best office on a budget in order for a good place for you to work that is also a good look . Office desk toys are an important thing that you need for your workplace. You might not think so at first, but when you start working in an office, you will know that it is very crucial.

Read these best ideas about your office desk toys and you will be ready to select the optimum desk toy for your office. Go to the office and you can surely find the best office desk toys for yourself.


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