Generating Passive Income For Mothers On Maternity Leave

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1 year ago

Parenting is a blessing, and many women are reluctant to return to work early. Maternity leave doesn’t last long, and women want to delight in it until they can. However, everything is not that simple. If you wish to provide your baby with everything required, you should earn enough to afford these things. Some women buy organic baby formula to let relatives or nannies feed a child until they do their part-time job to make ends meet.

What if you can stay home, travel with your kids, and enjoy your maternity without the need to work daily and follow strict schedules? Read this article to learn about the most popular passive income methods for mothers on maternity leave.

Get Paid for Ads

If you are a blogger with many subscribers and followers, companies of various brands (goods and services) can ask you to advertise their products. Luckily, you don’t have to do anything. While you are making a video about being a mother or your regular topic, companies pay you for posting their ads on your social page.

Promotion of Amazon Products

Amazon has an affiliate program for those ready to promote their goods on their social web pages. Everything you need is to sign up for the program, get accepted, and hyperlink the required books, clothes, and other stuff on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. When your followers click the link, you get from 1% to 10% commission for sales.

For example, you can write about life hacks and insert links with Amazon tools that simplify house cleaning, baby care, cooking, or turn routines into pleasant things.

Sell Photos

Do you like taking photos of nature, people, animals, and things around you? Then, it is your opportunity to earn extra cash for your hobby. Many stock services pay for photos from their subscribers and post them on web pages devoted to various categories or resell them to companies who write articles and need supporting photos for blogs and web pages.

Get Paid for Recording Books

Do you read night-bed stories to your infant or toddler? Or, maybe, you are a mother of several children who are waiting for story time!? Why not record your reading and sell audio to publications? You can also create podcasts and earn on streams, clicks, and views. For example, many TV shows look like story reading, and you can also make videos and earn on YouTube.

Sell Music

Are you fond of singing or playing musical instruments? You can find good-quality music distributors to place your songs, sounds, and music on iTunes or Spotify. On the one hand, you will do your favorite activity and feel relaxed. On the other hand, your kids will get entertained by good-quality music that you select personally. No need to switch off the radio or turn off the TV when improper music sounds.

Be a Blogger

Blogging is a trendy and well-paid activity that even small kids can handle. The main task is to find a good topic and stay creative. You are a mom, so you can relate your blog to something connected with maternity and baby care. It can be one of the following topics:

  • cleaning
  • doing shopping with kids
  • cooking
  • choosing safe toys
  • choosing safe body care
  • beauty hacks, etc.

Passive income means getting paid without suffering. So, you should choose a topic that does not require much effort to report or review.

Run a Course

If you are a psychologist or a teacher, you can record a course and get paid for what you film. For example, many mothers suffer from postpartum depression, and you can provide useful tips to help them manage it and enjoy motherhood. If you are a teacher, you can record educational videos either for kids or for adults.

For example, you can teach your kid a foreign language and record his or her success as a sample. Later, you will get a chance to launch a private school and increase your monthly income by working for yourself.

Selling Domains

The Internet is the most profitable area. People study, go shopping, date, sell and buy services here, but these things are impossible without web pages with good domains. You can use search tools to predict the most demanded domains and earn by selling them to business organizations.


Not everyone can afford different things, so people prefer renting them for the required period. If you have a car, clothes for photo sessions, costumes for parties for kids, strollers you don’t use, or other expensive “baby things,” you can get paid for them. For example, mothers who travel with kids don’t take strollers with them because it is easier to rent them in a town where they plan to stop.


As you can see, passive income requires initial investments, such as your time, money, and talent. However, you will feel financially stable and enjoy parenting when dealing with passive income. The best option is to choose the one you like. Otherwise, it will be a job and absolutely not passive but rather demanding and irritating.

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