Experts Tell us the Best Standing Office Chair

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Standing Office Chair. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Modway Thrive Drafting Chair

This product was recommended by Adrian Volenik from Top Mobile Banks

I got this chair to go together with my standing desk. The chair is comfortable and exactly what I was looking for. Its height is perfect for occasionally sitting at the standing desk. I love the color, the arms are supportive without getting in the way, and the seat is a good depth for comfort on the back of the thighs.

LeanRite Elite – Ergonomic Standing Chair

This product was recommended by Harry Morton from LowerStreet

This is a wonderfully executed solution overall. I’m fully convinced leaning is the future for standing ergonomics. Sitting all day was wearing on me and causing back problems. I thought the ability to lean would be great and maybe I could finally give up sitting altogether. From the day my Ergo arrived and I assembled it, I have stood. My back loves it and I know I’m healthier standing!

Seville Classics Airlift Stool

This product was recommended by Cody Crawford from Low Offset

I find this product to be very impressive. It’s not flat and square like most seats. It rounded and conforms comfortably to my rear and is large enough to provide a sturdy seat area. I like that the stool tilts around 5 degrees. Most seats have one handle for the hydraulic release which means you have to swivel to find it. Not this chair!!! You can push down on the bar or pull up on it to release the hydraulic.

Branch Standing Desk

This product was recommended by Torin Rittenberg from Branch

It has been rated one of the top standing desks in its category by Apartment Therapy, TechRadar, The Strategist, Gear Patrol, and plenty more. It’s definitely not your ordinary standing desk: with exceptional stability, looks and speed, it comes equipped with premium features for an affordable price. These include a stain- and impact-resistant tabletop, dual motors for a smooth raise, three-stage lifting columns for incredible stability, a brushed cable grommet to organize cables and wires , and centimeter-level adjustment with a memory keypad.

FEZIBO Dual Motor Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

This product was recommended by Adrian Volenik from Top Mobile Banks

This dual motor standing desk will instantly make your office space look more fancy and upscale. Its rustic color is suitable for any setting and easy lifting is done with powerful motors. If you’re looking to cut on your sitting time, then this desk is certainly for you.

WorkFit® Elevate™ with Power Access

This product was recommended by Harry Morton from LowerStreet

Unlike other desk arrangements I find not having any other work surfaces around liberating, and more particularly because the arm is so maneuverable, you can change and tweak your view and position whether sitting or standing. This is also cool when displaying stuff with others. I typically spend the first half of my day standing, and then for the latter just bring the arm down and sit on a chair. It’s great but took a good few weeks to get used to. I’m sure the long-term health benefits are worthwhile

Yoyo Desk Pro 2+

This product was recommended by Ahmed Elnaggar from Set The Record Player

Before buying the Yoyo, I owned an on-desk design desk (where a platform sits on your normal desk and then changes height) which is cheaper and retrofittable on almost any desk but ergonomically I didn’t find it fully comfortable. as the keyboard has to sit on the platform at a lower level to the screen, the keyboard felt too low in the seated position. Plus as I switch between my office chair and kneeling chair, the desk becomes too high. For this I had to upgrade from on-desk to a full desk replacement standing desk. I tried a couple and then settled on the Yoyo Pro 2+. It came with a range from 60cm to 120cm which was more than what I needed and is fully electronic. It is very smooth when changing heights with the motors quieter than the other desks I tried. I can preset three different heights for my two chairs and for standing up. Overall, the desk had all the features I needed, was sturdy and well built and was one of the most affordable I could find out there.

Flexispot EG1 Adjustable Height Desk

This product was recommended by Mark Stephenson from How to Shoe

I purchased this for working from home due to Covid. This is my first experience with any standing desk but I’m very happy with it. I’d give it a solid 9/10. Moves up and down smoothly, sturdy and much heavier than I anticipated. I wouldn’t call it heavy duty but it’s great for office use, and for this price I am very happy. The instructions left a little to be desired, but it goes together well if you’re handy at all!

Mr IRONSTONE Electric Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

This product was recommended by Petar Petrov from DiamondLobby

Mr Ironstone is one of the industry leaders when it comes to making durable and practical desks for a whole range of activities and tasks. This time around, we have this modern vintage office desk made out of P2 MDF boards and industrial-grade steel, which can support a total weight of 150 lbs. The 47.2” (W) x 23.6” (D) desktop provides ample space for a variety of monitor and laptop setups, with extra room for ongoing projects and office supplies. One of the most notable features of this standing office desk is the electric height-adjustable motors, which allow you to choose from 28.3 to 45.3 in height to perfectly suit your needs while doing work, catching up on e-mails, or attending virtual meetings. Besides that, you can also pre-set up to four different desk heights and use one of the memory buttons on the right-hand side to adjust the desk automatically to your perfect height in just under a minute. Aside from that, this standing desk also comes with a number of cable management holes for hiding cables from your monitor, mouse, and keyboard. On the right-hand side, you will find a cup holder while on the left, right beneath the surface, you will find a hanger, which you can use to store your headset or jacket.

UPLIFT Desk – V2 2-Leg Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This product was recommended by Darryl Higgins from Athlete Desk

It is proven that standing desks bring a lot of advantages to their users concerning body posture. Personally speaking, using standing desks reduces my back pains caused by sitting all day and it also improves my productivity. That’s why I now always recommend people who are sitting most of the day to use a standing desk. As for me, the best office standing desk that you can buy is the Uplift V2 that you can buy at Amazon. I consider this table to be the best standing table because of its build quality that is worth your money. This also supports different desktop sizes to cater to your office standing desk.

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

This product was recommended by Hasnain Khokhawala from Architectures Ideas

This product is also available from Desky – it’s the perfect adjustable height desk for both environmentally and aesthetically conscious standing desk users. It has an industry-leading lifting capacity of 158 kg, and its LED programmable handset lets you quickly adjust from low enough for a child to sit to high enough for a 2 m tall person to stand.

Sisu Reclaimed Wood Standing Desk

This product was recommended by Hasnain Khokhawala from Architectures Ideas

The Skyflo frame is rated for 120kg of lift capacity and is suitably quiet when moving up or down with dual motors. It’s a smart desk with a nifty control panel that offers Bluetooth connectivity and an app to control the height

Ology Desk by Steelcase

This product was recommended by Hasnain Khokhawala from Architectures Ideas

The central element here is Steelcase’s Active Touch tech, which is available as an option, but an affordable one. This gives you an OLED screen with a panel that controls the desk height and offers a gentle reminder of when it’s time to change posture by gently nudging the desktop up and down.

NewHeights Elegante XT Electric Sit Stand Desk

This product was recommended by Hasnain Khokhawala from Architectures Ideas

The NewHeights XT features custom extruded aluminum columns, a large 27” adjustment range, and a conservative 325 lbs lifting capacity. The NewHeights XT also features a premium electronics pack from Laing Innotech, with a lifetime warranty on the complete desk.

Vari Electric Standing Desk

This product was recommended by Alex Czarnecki from Cottage

The Vari Electric Standing Desk is a sturdy desk in a great size. It doesn’t wobble at all and has great laminate desktop options.

NewHeights Solid Wood Elegante XT Electric Sit Stand Desk

This product was recommended by John Levisay from The Pro’s Closet

The NewHeights Elegante XT Standing Desk is the frontrunner for standing desks. It is made in the good old USA and features a premium electronics pack. There is a lifetime warranty on the whole desk, which is amazing.

UPLIFT Standing Desk

This product was recommended by David DiLorenzo from Valentino Beauty Pure

The Uplift V2 Standing Desk is a great option for anyone who is seeking a solid adjustable desk. It has a wide range of height while still being stable. It’s super customizable to fit your aesthetic and needs.

Autonomous Edition Smart Standing Desk

This product was recommended by Lindsey Allard from PlaybookUX

This is a simple, effective standing desk that has worked great for me in my home office. I like to have a clean workstation and this desk definitely fits in with that theme, but also offers me a few options of how I’d like to use it. It offers up a clean, neat area to work from and the motorized lift will quickly bring your desk up or down, depending on how you’d like to work. It doesn’t take long and isn’t difficult to do. I’ve had the desk for quite some time now and I have had no issues with the desk (or its motor) at all!

FlexiSpot Theodore Standing Desk

This product was recommended by Abby Drow from Cloom

This one is built for the older generations. It combines the best features of elegant desks before with the style of the new generation. It has the style and finish of old desks and comes with drawers as typical desks do. It has adjustable height and a built-in USB port to bring in the new technology. The best part of it all is that it’s effortless to install and fits right in your budget. There’s no other desk in the market that has the same style and quality at this price.

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