Experts Tell us the Best CRM Software For Travel Industry

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2 years ago

This article showcases our top picks for the Best CRM Software For Travel Industry. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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This product was recommended by Thomas Danielsen from DMC Baltic

I have found that many of the standardized CRM systems out there are not particularly suited for Destination Management Companies (DMC). We have 3 offices in 3 countries, and a wide range of products and services on offer. We have found that systems like Asana or Podio will to a large extent help us organize our business better than your typical “off the shelf” CRM which is designed to fit everyone, but not really specialized for anyone. We eventually landed on Podio due to its extreme customization abilities and intuitive user interface. Podio has all the features we needed and we designed our own reporting system, as well as extended the CRM feature inside Podio. We now have full overview of the business and our staff is in control of all ongoing projects.

Dolphin CRM

This product was recommended by Israel Gaudette from Linktracker Pro

You’ll never have to worry about getting the unique travel needs of your customers. When I used it in my small travel agency business, not only all of our dilemmas in bookings were gone but also those with our clients too. It enabled my clients to view not only their bookings but the invoicing as well online. And I never have to worry about whether or not every invoicing report or receipt is covered. It can now be produced easily and you can even add notes during the process. It lets us save a lot of time with transferring bookings to other files and replicating tickets. Overall, Dolphin CRM lets you automate both your booking and back-end processes. A customer is an asset every business should protect. Without them, putting up a business will be useless. When there’s no customer to serve, a business, without a doubt, will certainly cease to exist. But with CRM software in place, any business owner can approach a customer the way they like it. So regardless of which industry you belong to or how small your business, CRM software should always be a part of it. With it, retaining your customers and making them loyal to you is guaranteed.


This product was recommended by Andrew Griffith from Garden Furniture

Freshsales is one of the best CRM I have ever used. It has the inbuilt option and is available in 30 languages. It is also simple workflow automation. It is useful for small and medium businesses. Freshsales also gives you unlimited support and users. If you are using its free plan, you will get access to lead scoring with insights, activity management, and unlimited records.

Zoho CRM

This product was recommended by Jeff Walker from Best VPN Canada

A solid CRM I’ve been using in different small businesses I have, especially the one in the travel industry. I’ve tried lots of CRM that promise to address the pains I have in my businesses. But I didn’t even get to finish their 30-day free trial. Not until Zoho CRM comes into action. And the best part, I didn’t even need to complete the whole month’s trial period to make a decision. And in just a week, it totally convinced me. It covers most of the needs in my newly launched travel business. In just a couple of clicks, I can organize everything – from sales and prospecting, booking management up to new customer acquisition. Overall, it totally surpassed my expectations and will definitely won’t’ hesitate to recommend it to others. The being said, finding the perfect CRM software for your business does not always mean simply choosing the most popular one in the market. As they say, there’s no solution that fits all. You need to look closely with diligence in order to select which one fits with your business’ priorities. Before committing to anything, it’s best to make use of their free trials in order to experience it first hand. With it, it’s guaranteed that you’ll never waste not only your time but your budget as well.


This product was recommended by Sara Yusupov from SaraYusupov

The Premium plan has all of our most advanced features, including our machine learning-powered Send Time Optimization, unlimited marketing automation, phone support, and many others listed below. 1. Send Time Optimization- Send out your message at the right time for each of your individual recipients with Send Time Optimization. Artificial Intelligence at its best! 2. Unlimited Marketing Automation- Put the pedal to the metal on your marketing. Benefit from endless automation opportunities and save time for the most important tasks on your todo list. 3. FAcebook Ads- Be smart! Reach a larger audience and find new customers with ads on Facebook! In Sendinblue, you can create your ad in just 4 easy steps. 4. Retargeting Ads- Getting new visitors to your site is much harder than convincing your previous visitors to come back. Sell more with targeted display ads that retarget the people who are already familiar with your brand. 5. Landing Pages- Create a remarkable visitor experience with your own professional landing pages that you can build within seconds using our drag & drop editor. 6. Chat- Be present at every step of your customer’s journey. Adding a chat window to your website gives you the opportunity to interact directly with users as they browse your website. 7. Multi User Access-Working as a team on your marketing communication? With multi-user access, your team members can have their own login so you can split work and collaborate more easily. 8. Advanced Options- You will get click map and geographical reports, as well as advanced open and click statistics to dive deeper into your email marketing performance. Go further with A/B testing and optimize your campaign spend time with our machine learning-powered send time optimization.


This product was recommended by Sara Yusupov from SaraYusupov

You can now quickly view any record in your account — all from one screen. Similar to our existing Contact Quick View feature, the new Object Quick View feature allows you to see your custom object, Deal and Company records on a portion of your screen, without having to load another page. If you and your team interact with your leads and customers regularly and response times are important to you, this feature is a must! 1. Make getting started even easier with Membership Starter Kit Setup Wizard! It’ll automatically handle all your member-management functions like facilitating signups, collecting payments, generating login information and re-engaging inactive customers. The setup is quick and simple — you’ll only need about 20 minutes to get it all done. 2. After you set up your site, use this Subscription Management on Autopilot add-on to turn your one-time payment site into a recurring revenue stream with automatic payment management. 3. There’s a Setup Wizard for that. The Thank You Page Conversion Booster comes with all the emails, pages and automation you’ll need to turn your thank you pages into a segmenting tool so you can follow up with personalized messaging. In just about 30 minutes, you’ll be able to easily identify your leads’ pain points and pitch your product as a solution. You’ll be able to build more engaging, personalized forms to convert leads and customers — and it all syncs up with your Ontraport account without a hitch. 4. The Smiley Survey and Testimonial Generator is perfect for getting the feedback you need to start optimizing your post-purchase customer experience. And the best part? It’ll only take about 15 minutes.


This product was recommended by Sara Yusupov from SaraYusupov

You can learn a lot from people based on what they open, click and engage with. That’s why split testing is such an important part of the email marketing process. But if you’re only split testing your subject lines, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to better understand your audience..

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