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This article showcases our top picks for the Best CRM Software For Schools. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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This product was recommended by Mark Stephenson from How to Shoe

More schools continue to innovate. So, it’s becoming essential for them to have state of the art technology. They need a database where everything can be fully managed and controlled. Not only for data collection, but CRM also has functionalities that are beneficial for school and the families involved. It makes tedious tasks easier and lets you track the campaign progress with ease.

Oracle NetSuite CRM

This product was recommended by Yuuna Morishita from The Japanese Way

The first thing that makes it perfect for school is the ease of use, it’s one of the best user-friendly crm in the market. Also, it makes the delivery of the files and reports super easy. It runs smoothly without any lags and the update feature makes it just right.

Hubspot CRM

This product was recommended by John Peterson from Safe Drive Gear

For schools, Hubspot would be the ideal CRM. It may be often heard utilized by businesses, but it’s used widely in different industries. It’s now used by many institutions around the world. Some CRM software only works on a computer. That’s why I like Hubspot the most because it has a mobile app too. It’s more convenient to view your data anytime, anywhere. It’s very easy to use too. I would most definitely recommend it.

High Level

This product was recommended by John Highly from Savage AF Sites

This type of CRM is the future, it’s very customizable and works well with multiple communication channels. This CRM software can be molded and shaped for any situation. It’s got a learning curve however the company will work with clients to customize it to their needs.

Hubba CRM

This product was recommended by Chris Nutbeen from Nuttifox

Hubba CRM is just a simpler, more intuitive interface than other CRM’s we’ve tried like ZohoDesk and in particular SalesForce. The integrations of other apps and upload of data is quick and seamless. We always struggled with SalesForce as it was convoluted and difficult to find what you needed without contacting their customer services or doing an Internet search. It’s made for small to mid-size schools and educational institutes, and the features are just enough, some other apps overload you, it’s like being in a plane cockpit.

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